Igor Blum writes for FGDP(UK) on oral surgery: a primary concern

The Autumn 2018 issue of Primary Dental Journal brings many of the contemporary topics and latest philosophies relating to primary care oral surgery in a lucid and clear fashion to the general dental practitioner and the wider dental team.

Within these pages, the authors share many pearls gleaned from years of experience and training to increase the readers’ confidence and competence when dealing with patients requiring minor oral surgery procedures in the general dental practice setting.

The articles on prevention and management of postoperative pain, the importance of dental screening prior to commencing anti-resorptive therapy for cancer patients, risk assessment and management of medical emergencies and dento-legal implications in primary care oral surgery are highly relevant and provide a sound information base
for the primary care dental team.

Notably, dento-legal claims related to oral surgical procedures are among the most common claims made by (dental) patients, especially in cases involving poor oral surgical outcomes. This discourse is not meant to discourage or dissuade dental practitioners from performing oral surgical procedures if they have the experience, training, and appropriate skill set to complete the planned procedure; rather, the article on dento-legal implications is intended to advise the readership as to the steps and straightforward risk management strategies one can take to limit the chances of any litigation from ever occurring, and thus avoid the almost always emotionally and painful time consuming process associated with claims of negligence or even regulatory body investigations.

We would like to remind readers that they can gain three hours’ of verifiable enhanced CPD on successful completion of the accompanying quiz for this issue by visiting http://www.fgdp.org.uk and following the links for the Primary Dental Journal. There are separate quizzes tailored to the specific needs of general dental practitioners and dental care professionals, and new certificates conform to the updated eCPD requirements from the General Dental Council (GDC).

We hope you find this issue to be interesting, informative and useful in your practice.

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PDJ is the quarterly peer-reviewed journal produced by the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK), and provided as a benefit of membership. Three issues of PDJ in each volume are themed on a topic of interest and relevance to the primary care dental team, led by an invited Guest Editor who is a renowned expert in the field, with one ‘general issue’ per volume covering a wide range of topics.

Translating current evidence into best practice, PDJ is an indispensable and practical resource for the entire dental team, with each edition offering a valuable update on an area of practice within the context of general dental care.

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