College of General Dentistry launches facial aesthetics qualification

The College of General Dentistry (CGDent), the UK’s only professional body dedicated to primary dental care, has formally launched its Postgraduate Certificate in Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics.

Serving those who are considering entering this growing area of practice but have little or no prior experience, the course is designed to be flexible to suit the needs of those working in general dental practice, while equipping them with the theoretical understanding and practical skills they need to offer cosmetic injectables to their patients.

The college is represented on the Education and Training Committee of the Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP), the body which sets standards for cosmetic practice and maintains registers of appropriately trained cosmetic practitioners, and CGDent’s comprehensive programme has been carefully designed to align with the JCCP’s competency framework, with a syllabus covering:

  • Facial anatomy, morphology, physiology and the principles behind the use of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers
  • Assessment and treatment planning for non-surgical aesthetic interventions
  • Administration of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers and the management of complications

Participants can enrol at any time and may take between 6 months and 2 years to complete the programme, which combines online learning with face-to-face teaching and practice available in four locations. The modules include observation and performance of at least 40 cases, all of which are provided and 20 of which are mentored on a 1:1 basis, with participants given a choice of dates and clinical sites.

The programme is delivered by RASA Academy and led by Dr Jalpesh Patel, a dental practitioner, advanced facial aesthetic practitioner and member of the JCCP’s Practitioner Register Committee. Dr Patel holds a Master’s in Aesthetic Dentistry from King’s College London, in which he graduated with distinction, as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine from the University of Manchester.

Dr Patel recently delivered a series of online seminars for the College of General Dentistry, entitled Introduction to Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics, Facial Aesthetics: Clinical Cases and Applied Anatomy, and Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics: Complications. All three are available to watch on ProDental CPD via the above links, and are free for CGDent members.

The launch of the new Level 7 qualification builds on the heritage of the Faculty of General Dental Practice, which ran a Masterclass in Facial Aesthetics programme from 2009-16.

Dental professionals interested in applying should visit

Scotland Study Day 2021 – 3 December 2021

Informative updates on treatments for perio and endodontics

Friday 3 December 2021

Glasgow Science Centre, 50 Pacific Quay, Glasgow G51 1EA

This study day is an opportunity for you to keep your practice up-to-date, in order to give your patients the most suitable and relevant treatment. Networking with colleagues and peers will also provide the means to discuss dental issues with others and share experiences and recommendations to enhance your approach to practice afterwards. 

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Northern Study Day: No more nails – The ultimate guide to complete dentures – 19 November 2021

Venue:  Newcastle Gateshead Marriott Hotel MetroCentre, Marconi Way, Gateshead NE11 9XF

Dr James Field will be sharing his knowledge and expertise, and providing guidance on providing suitable care for patients with prosthodontics.

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Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics: Complications – 20 September 2021

Speaker: Dr Jalpesh Patel BDS (Hons) (Lond) MJDF RCS Eng MSc (Aes Dent) PG Cert (Aes Med)

This webinar, hosted by the College and ProDental CPD, will consider the potential complications involved in delivering non-surgical facial aesthetic treatments, how the risks of some of these complications can be mitigated, and how complications can be best managed where they arise.

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Facial Aesthetics: Clinical Cases and Applied Anatomy – 22 July 2021

Speaker: Dr Jalpesh Patel BDS (Hons) (Lond) MJDF RCS Eng MSc (Aes Dent) PG Cert (Aes Med)

This webinar, hosted by the College and ProDental CPD, used clinical case studies to demonstrate the importance of the assessment phase, applied facial anatomy, treatment planning and subsequent treatment of multiple regions of the face with cosmetic injectables. It gave learners who have little or no experience in this field an appreciation of the clinical aspects of the patient journey and what can be achieved.

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College of General Dentistry makes commitment to building careers for all dental professionals

The College of General Dentistry, in partnership with Colgate Palmolive UK,
announces an important programme to build career pathways for all those working in
a professional capacity in primary care and general dentistry, which will be rolled out
in the coming months following the opening of the College to membership on 1 July

The Career Pathways initiative brings together all roles in the dental team to create life-long career structures: to enhance professional standing, and to engage the confidence of patients in the skills and care they receive.

At a time when there has never been a greater need to retain and nurture a motivated workforce in dentistry, this programme aims to provide purpose and direction for careers across the whole team. It is an initiative developed for the dental professions, by the dental professions, but has attracted much wider attention at a time of special concern about oral healthcare across the UK and access to services.

The College will be structuring its membership to reflect important career stages for each and every member of the dental team. Membership is open to all registered dental professionals, and Faculties of the College will support each team member with their own career development and aspirations.

The Career Pathways programme is led by Janet Clarke MBE FCGDent, Chair of Trustees, and Abhi Pal FCGDent, its new President, together with Roshni Karia MCGDent, Vice President, and Simon Thornton-Wood PhD, Lead Executive for the College.

An authoritative group of dental professionals have been brought together for the programme, in working groups led by Debbie Reed (Dental Nursing and Orthodontic Therapy), Emma Pacey (Dental Hygiene & Dental Therapy), Michael Brindle & Darren Ware (Dental Technology & Clinical Dental Technology), and Philip Dawson (Dental Practitioners).

More details of the programme can be found on the College’s website.

Janet Clarke said:

The College of General Dentistry is now open, welcoming all members of the dental team. Our driving passion is to enhance the careers of dental professionals in the patient interest: there is an acute need for direction and support in primary care and general dentistry careers today. Together with Colgate, we are excited to be bringing forward new and accessible ways to develop skills and enhance the team, over the coming months.

Dr Emanuele Cotroneo, Scientific Affairs Project Manager for Colgate in Northern
Europe, said:

Colgate is most proud of this exclusive partnership with the newly launched College of General Dentistry, which enables the development of the College Career Pathways. This important partnership further supports Colgate’s continuing mission in becoming a valuable partner in dental education and professional development. The Career Pathways will provide a structured guide for dental professionals to pursue their clinical interests as well as enhancing their skills.

Dr Heather Mitchell, Dentist and HEE Clinical Fellow engaged in the programme,

The College’s commitment to prioritise a patient-centred approach to oral health care, as well as provide a much-needed structure for skills and career development, will serve to improve professionalism in dentistry. In turn, this will hopefully strengthen patient trust in their oral healthcare, benefitting the oral health of the nation. From my involvement in the programme, I can really appreciate what a great opportunity this has been to work on such an innovative project so early on in my career, I feel proud of what we have managed to achieve and am looking forward to sharing it more widely.

Andrea Johnson, Dental Technician and a member of the Career Pathways
Programme Reference Group, said:

I am very excited t o work with the College and with like-minded professionals from across dentistry to help define the dental college of the future that we all want and most definitely need. I urge all members of the team in oral healthcare, in the strongest possible way, to join the College and be proud to be part of something amazing.

Mental Health Wellness Framework – 5 July 2021

This interactive webinar, which took place on 5 July 2021, discussed the new Mental Health Wellness in Dentistry initiative, and how to act in a timely, appropriate, and safe manner when identifying mental health wellness issues in the dental workplace. It also highlighted the findings of a paper on mental health that will be published in an upcoming issue of the College of General Dentistry’s Primary Dental Journal.

This is the first event under the new partnership announced between the College of General Dentistry (CGDent) and ProDental CPD, and is being held in collaboration with the Dental Professional Alliance.

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CGDent members to have comprehensive, exclusive CPD & ePDP package with ProDental

The College of General Dentistry (CGDent) and ProDental CPD have signed a partnership agreement to co-develop exclusive content, and to offer CGDent members a comprehensive CPD and e-PDP package.

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Introduction to Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics

Speaker: Dr Jalpesh Patel BDS (Hons) (Lond) MJDF RCS Eng MSc (Aes Dent) PG Cert (Aes Med)

This webinar, hosted with the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK) and  ProDental CPD, explored the reasons why a dental practitioner may wish to consider entering the field of non-surgical facial aesthetics, and how a structured approach to learning and appreciating the commercial aspects of this industry will provide the best foundations to excel as well as meet regulatory requirements. It also identified common early stage pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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The risk-based approach to COVID-19: FGDP(UK)-CGDent-ProDental CPD webinar

7 July 2020


This webinar, held in conjunction with ProDental CPD and the Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK), looks at safe working in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Jason Wong, Deputy Chief Dental Officer for England
  • Eimear O’Connell FFGDP(UK), President, Association of Dental Implantology
  • David Cottam MFGDP(UK), Chair, BDA General Dental Practice Committee
  • Susan Nelson MFGDP(UK), Vice Dean, Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK)
  • Reena Wadia MFGDP(UK), Board member, Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK)
  • Ian Mills FFGDP(UK), Dean, Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK), and Trustee, College of General Dentistry
  • Roshni Karia MFGDP(UK), Board member, Faculty of General Dental Practice (UK)
  • Mick Horton FFGDP(UK), Trustee, College of General Dentistry 

CPD will be available:


  • To look at safe working in the UK during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • To understand the concept and application of the risk based approach


  • At the end of this webinar the participant will have a greater understanding of the application of the risk based approach and safe working practices during the COVID-19 pandemic.

GDC Learning Outcomes:

  • A, B, C, D

Visit to register. You can submit questions in advance via email