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Below are some frequently asked questions we receive from members regarding the College. If you have any further queries, please submit them through our contact form here.

What does the College of General Dentistry do?

We provide an independent home for dental practitioners and members of the wider dental team, working across primary care and general dentistry. The College provides an historic opportunity to draw the dental team together in pursuit of excellence in practice, whilst promoting your own commitment to excellence.

We aim to provide a voice of authority in dentistry – by the profession and for the profession. The new College will:

  • serve the public and patients by cultivating excellence in oral healthcare, thereby contributing to everyone’s wellbeing
  • achieve this by establishing evidence-based guidance and standards for dentistry, embedded within a strong professional community of practice 
  • foster quality in practice for dental professionals through their education and training, career development and lifelong learning. 

What is happening and how is FGDP(UK) involved?

The College of General Dentistry (CGDent) brings to fruition the long-held ambition for dentistry to stand tall within wider healthcare as a professional community, working for patients – ultimately with Royal Charter. CGDent opened its doors to new members on 1 July 2021.

FGDP(UK) has long worked toward this vision, and to that end the work and the members of FGDP will begin transferring to CGDent from 1 July 2021.

What does this mean for me?

FGDP members were invited to transfer membership to the College of General Dentistry from the time when we assume the Faculty’s responsibilities in July 2021. If you indicated that you would like to transfer, then when the processes involved in the transfer are complete, your information will be sent to CGDent and you will appear on the member register – we will notify you when this has happened, and let you know what your next steps are.

If you’re an FGDP member, but EITHER missed the opportunity to elect to transfer OR said no at the time, have changed your mind and would now like to do so, you can enrol now in the same way as a new member by registering here.

And of course, if you are a dentist or part of a dental team not previously a member of FGDP, you are welcome to become part of this historic College.

What are my membership options?

You can view the different categories of membership and the associated eligibility requirements here.

If you have previously been an FGDP member you can see below how your membership level corresponds to those of CGDent.

You will transfer at the same level of membership as you currently hold with FGDP. The equivalent memberships are shown in the table below. 

FGDP(UK) membershipFDS membershipCGDent membership
Fellow/Joint FellowFellowFellow
Member/Joint MemberMemberFull Member
MJDFMJDFFull Member (Discounted)
AssociateAffiliateAssociate Member
AffiliateAssociateAssociate Member
What are the membership fees?

Membership fees at the College of General Dentistry will remain competitive. The College will continue to tailor fees to recognise the diverse circumstances and needs of the full dental team.

Fees from 1 July 2021.

If, following the transfer of your membership from FGDP(UK) to CGDent, the CGDent fee is higher, the College will honour the lower FGDP(UK) rate for the remainder of your membership year. If the College fee is lower, you will pay the lower rate for the remainder of your membership year. 

Transferring members who paid their annual membership in full to FGDP(UK) in April, or October will not be required to make further payments for the remainder of their membership year, as your fees equivalent to July to March or July to September, (depending on your last renewal date) will be transferred to CGDent. Where CGDent fees are lower, we will extend your membership year to compensate for the differential. 

Transferring members who paid FGDP(UK) by monthly direct debit, will receive instructions to set up a new direct debit mandate for CGDent.

Why isn’t my name appearing on the member register?

Once your membership has been verified, including your eligibility criteria, and payment for your fees has been received, then your name will automatically appear on the register. Please note that if you are paying by direct debit, then this will happen once your first direct debit payment has been taken.

For members transferring from FGDP, your details will appear once the transfer process is completed.

When will my details be transferred from FGDP?

The transfer from FGDP involves a carefully-managed reconciliation of personal data, alongside other involved processes, and is not yet complete. At this point, we can’t give an exact date but rest assured you will be notified when everything is finalised. The FGDP Member Register will continue to show transferring memberships in the next few weeks whilst the process is finished.

I am a joint member with FDS, what does this mean for me?

Joint members, including MJDF members, will also be invited to make a choice regarding your membership preference. If you choose to remain a member of FDS, but also wish to join the College, the two memberships will be treated separately by the two organisations. Your membership benefits and subscription will therefore reflect this.

As a member of the College of General Dentistry, will I remain part of the Royal College of Surgeons of England?

The College of General Dentistry will be completely independent. Association with RCS England can be maintained through membership of FDS.

Was my FGDP membership automatically transferred to the College of General Dentistry?

No, memberships were not automatically transferred to the College. You were invited to make a choice regarding your membership. If you did not confirm your preference, or chose not to transfer to CGDent, your FGDP membership will cease and no further fees will be due.

Will the College of General Dentistry have Royal College status?

Incorporation by Charter is a prestigious way of acquiring legal personality and reflects the high status of that body.  The College of General Dentistry will be seeking chartered status for the new College, along with permission to use ‘Royal’ in its title. This will not happen immediately but discussions are currently ongoing with Privy Council, who deal with Charter applications, and advise the sovereign on granting the status. The incorporation by Charter and granting of Royal status cannot be made until FGDP(UK) has fully transferred to the College of General Dentistry.  

What will my postnominal letters be?

Information pertaining to postnominal letters can be found on our designated post-nominals page.

I am undertaking an FGDP course. Who will award the course?

Participants already enrolled in FGDP(UK) courses, which are awarded by RCS England, will still receive an RCS England award on successful completion of their studies after the transfer. 

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