Is ‘digital dentistry’ dangerous for teeth?

Problems associated with zirconia and CAD/CAM restorations are highlighted by FGDP(UK) The increasing prescription of metal-free dental restorations has come about as a result of various patient demands and somewhat narcissistic expectations. However, some dental professionals have contributed to the rise in popularity of these materials and techniques. An article in the latest issue of … Continue reading Is ‘digital dentistry’ dangerous for teeth?

Dental pain and anxiety

Tara Renton, Professor of Oral Surgery/Honorary Consultant, Faculty of Dentistry, Oral &Craniofacial Sciences, King’s College London, explains for FGDP(UK) why a holistic approach and latest techniques should be priority. It’s every patient’s right to expect optimal pain management for routine electivesurgery. Most patients expect pain; three quarters experience pain, and a quarterexperience high-level pain during … Continue reading Dental pain and anxiety