Code of conduct for Members & Fellows of the College

Membership of our professional community is a privilege and carries with it the solemn responsibility to conduct oneself to a high standard of professionalism and integrity.

This Code is aimed at all Members & Fellows, and clarifies their responsibilities, to ensure that patients, the public and the dental profession have confidence in the institution as a professional community. The code is intended to reinforce principles that should already be applied in widely-accepted professional conduct. Members and Fellows are expected to have good standing with any relevant regulatory bodies, and abide by national laws and regulations.

Members and Fellows should act within the principles of this Code at all times, but in particular when acting, claiming to act or giving the impression of acting as our representative. We reserve the right to exclude a Member or Fellow who significantly or persistently acts in a manner that it considers incompatible with the Code.

The Code applies across all means of communication and interaction, where the interests of others are engaged.

As a Member or Fellow:

  • Act with honesty and integrity. Be open and transparent in your dealings; use authority responsibly; do not place yourself in a position of conflict of interest; strive to earn and sustain trust.
  • Act in good faith, in the best interests of our professional community. Demonstrate accountability for your actions; accept responsibility for your decisions; do not engage in activities that may bring you or our community into disrepute.
  • Respect and treat others fairly and objectively ensuring freedom from discrimination, harassment and bullying regardless of the standing of others. Show appropriate humility when engaging with others whose views differ from your own.
  • Act fairly and impartially. Bring professional influence to bear on merit: without bias, caprice, favouritism or self-interest. Use your views as a leader or influencer in the professional community to improve outcomes on an ongoing basis.
  • Use your position appropriately. Do not use your standing with the College to seek an undue advantage for yourself, family members or associates, or to cause detriment to our professional community.
  • Promote and support the application of our core values and mission statement.