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New members

Will my name appear on the Member Register?

Thank you for joining the College.

Once we have verified your eligibility for membership, and received payment for your fees, your name will automatically appear on the Member Register.

If you are paying by direct debit, your membership will be verified once we have received your first direct debit payment.

How do I gain access to the College’s CPD library?

Our extensive CPD library, which provides over 1,000 hours of CPD and is free for College members, is powered by our partner, ProDental CPD.

To gain access to the library, please contact us at [email protected] . Once we’ve verified your membership of the College and received payment for your fees, we will email an invitation to set up your ProDental CPD account. If you do not receive the email, please check your junk/spam folder or contact us so that we can resend it.

If you already have an account with ProDental CPD, this will be migrated to the CGDent licence and your log in details will remain the same.

If you are paying by direct debit, you may set up your ProDental account once your first direct debit payment has been taken.

I have joined and paid by direct debit, when will my membership be activated?

We’re delighted to welcome you on board as a new member of the College.

It can take up to five working days for the bank to verify your direct debit mandate and send us confirmation that your first direct debit has been taken. Once we receive confirmation, we will activate your membership.

We have introduced auto-renewal for all memberships paid by direct debit. You won’t need to take any action to renew your membership, but we will notify you when your auto-renewal is about to take place.

Postnominal letters

Which postnominals can I use?

CGDent postnominal letters denote your ongoing membership of the College. They mark your professional standing and reflect your commitment to career progression.

If you are a current Full Member, Associate Fellow or Fellow of the College, you may use the following postnominal letters:

  • Full Member – MCGDent
  • Associate Fellow – AssocFCGDent
  • Fellow – FCGDent

Use of these postnominal letters is restricted to those who have paid their annual subscription.

Postnominal letters are not provided with our other memberships.

If you are unsure which postnominals you may use, please contact us.

Can I still use postnominals from the FGDP?

Since the transfer of the Faculty of General Dental Practice UK to the College of General Dentistry in July 2021, postnominals that denote ongoing membership of FGDP are no longer valid and can’t be used. These include MFGDP(UK) and FFGDP(UK).

However, you may still use postnominal letters which show qualifications that were awarded by the Faculty of General Dental Practice UK (FGDP(UK)) and/or Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS Eng) and honorary memberships and honorary fellowships of FGDP (Hon.MFGDP(UK), Hon.FFGDP(UK)).

If you were a member or fellow of FGDP, you may continue to use those postnominals where an FGDP or RCS England award qualified you for membership or fellowship of the Faculty – typically diplomas of membership or fellowship (Dip.MFGDP(UK), Dip.FFGDP(UK)). Further details about using FGDP postnominals are available here.  

CGDent publications

How do I access CGDent standards and guidance?

Our evidence-based standards and guidance are a respected resource for the whole dental team.

Digital copies are available on our website to all dental professionals, and can be viewed by logging in or registering a free account.

Members of the College also benefit from being able to download the standards and guidance and have access to search, text-select and print functionality, strictly for personal use.

If you are a CGDent member please make sure you are logged in to gain full access.

How do I access the Primary Dental Journal?

Primary Dental Journal (PDJ) is the College’s quarterly peer-reviewed journal.

CGDent members receive a print copy of each issue and can also access the current issue online and the entire online PDJ Archive of over 1,300 articles.

If you are a College member, please make sure you are logged in and click the Member Access button on our Primary Dental Journal page to gain full access.

If you are not currently a CGDent member, you can access online and printed issues of Primary Dental Journal through a range of subscription options or join the College.

Other questions?

You can contact us via email – [email protected] or phone – 020 3746 6490.