Membership reflects your commitment to professional standards in dentistry.

We will be launching our full College membership scheme shortly. Register as a Supporter if you would like to be kept informed of the development of the College membership scheme.

For a small fee, you can now register as a Foundation Member, securing a discount on the main membership scheme when it is launched in 2020. Foundation Membership will only be available to those registering for the launch of the College.

Over time, we plan to introduce additional, Faculty memberships reflecting the interests of the different members of the dental team – but all are eligible to join the commonality of membership of the College.

Associate Membership will be available to all members of the dental team who are registered with the General Dental Council or its overseas equivalent.

Full Membership (MCGDent) will be available to all members of the dental team with relevant postgraduate qualification, demonstrating commitment to an enhanced level of professional development.

Associate Fellowship (AssocFCGDent) will mark out enhanced practitioners who have developed their special interests in dentistry to a high level.

Fellowship (FCGDent) will be the hallmark of leadership and commitment to excellence in dentistry.

For retired practitioners, we will provide special membership rates that enable you to keep connected with, and contribute to your professional community

We will be welcoming non-Registrants to membership of the College, as Affiliate Members, with the opportunity to participate in the life of the College community.