We are proud to recognise and celebrate the contributions to dentistry of the following honorands of the College, and of its predecessor, the Faculty of General Dental Practice (FGDP(UK)). 

College Medal

The College Medal is the highest honour bestowed by the College. Normally reserved for no more than one recipient per year, it has been awarded since 2022 for exceptional service of the dental profession and its patients in a manner aligned with the values and mission of the College. It was preceded by the Faculty Medal, which was bestowed as the highest award of the FGDP(UK) from 2019-2021.

Awarded 2023

Andrew Hadden

Awarded 2022

Ian J Mills

Awarded 2021

Dr Nikolaus Palmer

Professor Kenneth Eaton

Awarded 2020

Professor Mike Mulcahy

Awarded 2019

Shelagh Farrell

President’s Award

The President’s Award recognises people and organisations who share the College’s commitment to promoting and improving health for all. Awarded since 2024, it was preceded by the Dean’s Award, which was bestowed by the FGDP(UK) from 2017-2021.

Awarded 2024


Awarded 2021

Simon Hearnshaw

Awarded 2020

Well Connected

Awarded 2019

Nigel Milne

Victoria Milne

Awarded 2017


President’s Commendation

The President’s Commendation is conferred by the President on the recommendation of the elected College Council. It recognises significant service to the dental profession by College members, at local or national level, including through the College or former FGDP.

Awarded 2023

David Lynch

Awarded 2022

John Craig

Paul Friel

Jonathan Hiscocks

Charles Ormond

Mutahir Rahman

Mark Richardson

Honorary Fellows & Diplomates

Honorary Fellowship of the College (FCGDent(Hon.)) is awarded in recognition of significant and career-defining contributions to dentistry aligned with the College’s mission. This was preceded by Honorary Fellowship of the FGDP (FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)), which was awarded for exceptional contributions to dentistry or to the Faculty from 1993 until its transfer into the College in 2021. The Honorary Diploma in General Dental Practice (DGDP(UK)(Hon.)) is equivalent to Honorary Fellowship and was awarded from 1992-1997.

Awarded 2023

William Beare FCGDent(Hon.)

Larry Browne FCGDent(Hon.)

Philip Tucker FCGDent(Hon.)

Awarded 2022

Maggie Jackson FCGDent(Hon.)

Kathryn Marshall FCGDent(Hon.)

William John Parry FCGDent(Hon.)

Awarded 2020

Michael Colin Armstrong FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Maria D Clark FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Jason Andrew Leitch FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Amit Patel FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Derek Richards FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2019

Jeremy Bagg FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2018

John Deer FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Janet Goodwin FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2017

Fiona Erasmus FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Keith Horner FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2016

Pankaj Patel FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2015

Jan Clarkson FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Helen Worthington FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Aubrey Sheiham FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Trevor William Ferguson FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Professor Christopher David Franklin OBE FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2014

Ian Pocock FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Professor Nigel Hunt FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Professor Richard Welbury FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Stephen Henderson FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Fiona Ellwood FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2013

Martin Mills FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Helen Christine Falcon FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2012

Christine Breare FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

David John Brookman FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

James Patrick Ralph FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Clive Bentley Ross FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Professor Paul Stanley Wright FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2011

Norman Williams FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

John Getty FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Rahul Kumar Arora FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2010

Ashok Dhobie FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Patrick Lai FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Peter Michael Wilkins FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Barry Cockcroft FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2009

Sharon Drake FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Paul Langmaid FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Ario Santini FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Janine Amelia Brooks FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Neil Fielden Brocklehurst FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Martin Geoffrey Fallowfield FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Lawrence Fraser Hall FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Richard Savage Hambly FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Janet Ann Lovekin FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2008

Christopher Russell FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

John Black FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Anthea Stephens FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2007

Bernard Ribeiro FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Gareth Holsgrove FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Kenneth William Alexander FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Harry Bailey FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

David Ernest Barry Mark FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2006

David Dandy FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Christopher Michael James FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2005

James Stark Rennie FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Rohinton Framroze Austin FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Brian Grieveson FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Nicholas Francis Ward FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Anthony Michael Jenner FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2004

Hugh Phillips FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

David Colin Thome FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Jeffery George Horton FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2003

Vishwanath Mahadevan FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Ramdas M Pai FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2002

Denis Pereira Gray OBE FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2001

Thomas Henry Farrell FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Edgar Ramsay Gordon FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Louis Deyong Kramer FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

John Stacy Bulman FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2000

John Michael Graham Hunt FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 1999

Anthea Stevens FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Michael Edward Gerard Coleman FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Adrian Joseph Moon FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 1997

Chi Lok Tsang FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Chan Yee Wing DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Mr Geoffrey T Cheney DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Mr James P Ralph DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Mr Roger Duffett DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 1996

Bernard Caplin DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Choo Teck Chaun DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

S Jeganathan DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

H M Ariffin Bin H Mohamed DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Arumugam Ratnanesan DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

John Robin Wild DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 1995

Ralph McCarthy DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 1994

Rodney Sweetnam KCVO CBE DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Derek Seel FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Diana Scarrott FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 1993

Terence English KBE DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Susan Andrews FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

John Walker Craig FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Anthony Robert Anderson FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Professor Kenneth Anthony Eaton FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Stephen Lambert Humble FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Peter Renshaw Lowndes MBE FFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 1992

R D Strahan DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Ben Fickling DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Bryan Gillard DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Alan Green DGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Other awards

The FGDP(UK) Community Contribution Award recognised a dental professional who had made a significant contribution to improving oral care in their local community. The FGDP(UK) Foundation Dentist Award recognised all round performance in vocational training. The FGDP(UK) Nik Pandya Award highlighted the exceptional achievements of BDS students. The FGDP(UK) Janet Goodwin Award recognised Dental Care Professionals who had advanced their role in order to educate others and improve oral healthcare. Each of these awards was limited to no more than one recipient per year. Honorary Membership of the FGDP (MFGDP(UK)(Hon.)) was awarded for significant contributions to the Faculty.

Awarded 2021

Pouya Zohrabpour – Foundation Dentist Award

Frank Clough – Community Contribution Award

Debbie Reed – Janet Goodwin Award

Sneha Chotaliya – Nik Pandya Award

Awarded 2020

Manas Dave – Foundation Dentist Award

Leonard Maguire – Community Contribution Award

Yewande Oduwole – Nik Pandya Award

Awarded 2019

Simrath Singh Mangat – Foundation Dentist Award

Mohsan Ahmad – Community Contribution Award

Awarded 2018

Andrew Miller MFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2017

Claire Culverwell – Foundation Dentist Award

Jason Wong – Community Contribution Award

Awarded 2006

Pankaj Patel OGW MFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2005

David Leung MFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2004

Ramananda Prabhu MFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Awarded 2003

Ameed Khalid Abdul-Hamid MFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Wai Ting Li MFGDP(UK)(Hon.)

Johnson CSYip MFGDP(UK)(Hon.)