GDC development outcomes

The four development outcomes set out by the General Dental Council (GDC), enable you to align your learning activity to the Standards for the Dental Team, the ethical principles of practice that registered dental professionals must adhere to.

Development outcomes

Development outcome A

Effective communication with patients, the dental team and others across dentistry,
including when obtaining consent, dealing with complaints, and raising concerns when patients are at risk.

Example of CPD content:
• Communication skills
• Consent
• Complaints handling
• Raising concerns
• Safeguarding

Development outcome B

Effective management of self and effective management of others or effective work with others in the dental team, in the interests of patients; providing constructive leadership where appropriate.

Example of CPD content:
• Effective practice management
• Business management
• Team working
• Leadership skills

Development outcome C

Maintenance and development of knowledge and skill within your field of practice.

Example of CPD content:
• Clinical and technical areas of study
• Radiography
• Cross infection control
• Medical emergencies and CPR
• Emerging technologies and treatments
• CPD on quality assurance for MHRA
• CPD specific for your daily role(s)
• Upskilling opportunities

Development outcome D

Maintenance of skills, behaviours and attitudes which maintain patient confidence in you and the dental profession and put patients’ interests first.

Example of CPD content:
• Ethical and legal issues and developments
• Professional behaviours
• Equality and diversity training

Under the GDC’s Enhanced CPD Scheme, registered dental professionals are required to undertake a number of hours of verifiable CPD over a five-year period, depending on their professional title, and record their activities in an annual statement. For dentists, the minimum number of hours over a five-year period is 100 hours; for dental therapists, dental hygienists, orthodontic therapists and clinical dental technicians it’s 75 hours; dental nurses and dental technicians are required to do 50 hours; and temporary registrants (dentists) need to do 20 hours.

To support your professional development, members of the College have free access to a CPD library of over 350 live and on-demand webinars, as well as discounted fees on study days run by our Affiliated Groups around the country. You can view our programme of upcoming CPD events on our events page.

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