We are greatly indebted to the following for their support in the establishment of the College of General Dentistry

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The new College could not come to fruition without the vision of those who established the original College of General Dental Practitioners (UK) in 1990/91, and successive Deans of the Faculty who have kept that vision alive:

Stephen Bryan Rear MBEPeter Renshaw Lowndes MBEMalcolm PendleburyRaj Kumar Raja Rayan OBERasikkumar (Russ) Ladwa(Joseph) Richard Tudor HaywardProf Michael John MulcahyMichael Anthony HortonDr Ian James Mills

Our Founders

Thomas Jack Bereznicki

(David) John Brookman

Onkar Singh Dhanoya

Prof Stephen Dunne

Shelagh Farrell

Simon Mark Gallier

Andrew McIntosh Hadden

Stephen Henderson

Kevin Lewis

Ian James Mills

Group Captain Mark Richardson

(Henry) Pearse Stinson

Andrew Toy

Prof Nairn Hutchison Fulton Wilson CBE

Ian Wood

Founding Contributors

(Jeremy) Jerry Asquith — Prof Kenneth Anthony Eaton — Edgar Ramsay Gordon Robert Hensher — Simon Quentin Jones — Dr Margaret Alexandra Wilson


Peter Renshaw Lowndes