Register of Members & Fellows

Recognised qualifications

Want to add recognised qualifications to your own member record? upload your eligible qualifications, including certificate evidence.

About the Register

This Member Register makes a record of Associate Members, Full Members, Associate Fellows and Fellows of the College who:

  • are judged to have attained our standards,
  • are committed to maintain those standards, and
  • are in good standing with the College.

Certified Members are identified with a blue tick.

Notes on the Register

Inclusion in this Member Register is not evidence of statutory registration by the General Dental Council (GDC), who provide the only point of reference for a dental professional’s licence to practise dentistry in the UK – or by any equivalent overseas body.

* Eligible postgraduate qualifications must conform with the requirements for Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas in the regulated UK higher qualification frameworks. Masters and Doctorates are regulated qualfications.

** A Diploma of Membership or Fellowship does not imply that the holder is a current member or fellow of the cited institution. We do not list memberships or fellowships that are conferred “by equivalence” or “ad eundem”.

Recognised qualifications

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