FGDP(UK) members

All FGDP(UK) members will transfer to the new College upon its formal establishment. This page sets out what the changes will mean for you.

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Membership categories

The new College will have five membership categories, with FGDP(UK) members transferring as appropriate:

CGDent membershipFDGP membership
FellowsFGDP(UK) Fellows by assessment, ad eundum and by election.
Associate FellowsNot applicable to FGDP membership
Full MembersFGDP(UK) Members by assessment, ad eundum and by election.
MJDF Members.
Associate MembersFGDP(UK) Associates, Affiliates and DCP Members.
Student MembersFGDP(UK) Student Members (free).

FGDP(UK) Honorary Members and Fellows will be recognised as Honorary Members and Fellows of the College of General Dentistry.

Voting rights

Full Members and Fellows will have voting rights that give them a full franchise in the affairs of the College. Members of the Faculty have influence only over the Faculty itself, at present.

Postnominals and the Member Register

Full Members and Fellows of the Faculty will be entitled to use the appropriate new postnominals in place of their FGDP(UK) designation:

Fellows: FCGDent

Associate Fellows: Assoc.FCGDent

Full Members: MCGDent

The online College Member Register will show valid postnominals for all members who have given permission for their entry to be shown.


Our aim is to provide more value to our Members as a new College, and we look forward to telling you more as our plans unfold.

Our promise to you is to ensure that each of our services meets at least the standard you have come to expect as a minimum.

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