Welcome to the College of General Dentistry. Your interest in the College is greatly appreciated.

The College is a long-overdue, much needed, UK-wide development in dentistry. The future of dentistry belongs to the dental team, which requires career pathways, standards of relevance to the provision of general dentistry and a strong, authoritative, whole-profession voice calling for, amongst other things, oral healthcare to be recognised as an important, integral element of general health and social care provision. The College will fulfil these functions, always acting in the best interests of patients and the public, while striving for excellence in state-of-the-art oral healthcare.

Here, we provide a window on the mission, vision and activities of the College, together with information, which I hope you meets your needs and expectations. The College is a critical stage of its formation, building its membership and support from individuals and organisations, while developing its core offerings and member benefits. As a result, the content of this site is dynamic, being added to, refined and updated on a daily basis. To keep up to date on the development of the College, please become a regular visitor. If you find it that it does not contain the information you are seeking, please send you feedback and comments.

If you are inspired by what you see and wish to contribute to the further growth and development of the College, please do not hesitate to contact me. One of the priorities of the College is the award of a Royal Charter to give dentistry parity with all other key healthcare professions, which have enjoyed the benefits of having their own, independent Royal College for tens if not hundreds of years. At this time every bit of support strengthens the case for the award of a Royal Charter, As detailed in this website, there are opportunities for individuals and organisations to go down in history as having contributed to this aim. If there were ever a time that oral healthcare professionals and dental organisations could do something to make a transformational change to the standing and status of profession, it is now.

In the relatively short time that I will be President of the College, before handing over to Dr Abhi Pal as the first elected President on 1 July 2021, I will look forward to the possibility of interacting, working or having opportunity to correspond with you in the interests of the College and the profession, which should no longer be without its own Royal College.

I hope you will find whatever information you may be seeking and, in the process, motivated to do whatever you can to help the College become fully established.