Dentistry is constantly changing. Change is driven by innovation and research based on ever-increasing needs and clinical observations. More research is needed in Primary Care dentistry

There has never been such a time of change and innovation in dentistry, and such a wealth of information to draw on. This evidence and opportunity will only expand, and the well-grounded science will continue to struggle to keep up. To foster an evidence-based and systematic approach, the College aims to promote research in general dentistry:

  • through its Research Fund;
  • by its ability to connect stakeholders across the UK and internationally;
  • through the raising of awareness of advances in science amongst its members;
  • identifying gaps and priorities through its policy programme;
  • in collaboration with individuals and institutions engaged in relevant research.

The Research Fund

The College has established a Research Fund with the intention to build the capacity to support important research across the interests of Primary Care dentistry. Together with its oral healthcare policy focus, the College intends to have an important impact in the further development of general dentistry.

All donations to the Fund will support research in Primary Care dentistry, and Gift Aid (where possible) will enhance the value of those donations.