The vision

A driving ambition for the new College will be to elevate the standing of those involved in the primary care dental team in particular, across the United Kingdom. It aims to do so by their affiliation to an institution that is focused on their professional needs and that fosters excellence in practice, doing so in a spirit of inclusivity.

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The intended purpose of the College of General Dentistry will be:

  1. To serve the public and patients by cultivating excellence in oral healthcare, thereby contributing to everyone’s wellbeing.
  2. To achieve this by establishing evidence-based guidance and standards for dentistry, embedded within a strong professional community of practice.
  3. To foster quality in practice for dental professionals through their education and training, career development and lifelong learning.

The College will fulfil the aspirations of general dentistry to achieve professional
standing consistent with other and equivalent healthcare and medical professions. In
the course of our discussions about our future, we have been struck by the surprise
amongst those outside dentistry, that no independent College currently exists to meet
that need.