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    This Forum is set up for discussion amongst Council members of governance and constitutional matters.

    Abhijit PalAbhijit Pal

    Good afternoon everyone. I am just checking this function works. I’ve set up an email alert so that I know if anything has been posted.


    Thanks for the link. I’m in.

    Yann MaidmentYann Maidment

    Hello Simon and Council members

    2 points:-

    1. Perhaps a mention of deploying the vice-Presidents to assist in the President’s role? – maybe as an extra subpara in 1.6?
    2. The various Faculties will either be with us when the next President takes office, or shortly after – so I propose that some specific mention is made in the role spec of how the President is expected to carry out their functions with respect to the Faculties. As the Faculties are referred to in the College Regulations, may I suggest this as a sub para of 1.2?

    Any wording suggestions from other Council Members?

    Deborah ReedDeborah Reed

    Hi Simon
    I have been able to gain access.
    BW Debbie

    Patricia ThomsonPatricia Thomson

    I have been able to log in


    Picking up on the email circulated yesterday, here is the draft person specification for President. You will see that I have added a clearer reference to primary care dentistry in item 2.
    1. Demonstrably committed to the mission and values of the College, above and beyond subscribing membership (eg Council, committee or programme involvement).
    2. Able to demonstrate a wider passion for advancing primary care dentistry and oral health, beyond day to day professional practice
    3. Capability to chair meetings with a broad agenda and in obtaining consensus.
    4. Able to work as part of a team and to lead that team and/or intervene constructively as appropriate.
    5. An ability to think and engage strategically, and exercise independent, reasoned judgement.
    6. Ability to communicate effectively, including public speaking to large groups and talking to the media, and to act as an organisation champion with a variety of stakeholders.
    7. Effective, engaging and approachable with people at all levels, both internally and externally.
    8. Capacity to command respect and to exercise authority.
    9. Possession of a network of contacts with the capacity to make relevant new links for the College.
    10. Able and willing to commit the contracted time to College business with no significant potential conflicts of interest
    1. Experience of leadership and associated decision-making, relevant to a professional body.
    2. Experience in building, protecting and enhancing the reputation of an organisation with external bodies.
    1. Sensitivity to good governance and in particular an appreciation of the responsibilities of a public benefit organisation with charitable status.

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