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Membership of the College marks you out from your peers and demonstrates your commitment to upholding the highest standards of practice and patient care. By joining us as an Associate Member, you are joining a proud community of dental professionals, raising your professional standing and showing your commitment to lifelong learning.

Associate Membership is for you if you are:

  • a dental or oral health professional registered with the GDC or an equivalent overseas authority, or
  • a non-practising non-registrant or former registrant, such as an academic or retired professional

As an Associate Member of the College, you are eligible to enrol onto our Certified Membership Scheme which provides you with enhanced career support and professional recognition.

Annual membership fee

We offer a range of concessions on our membership fee to reflect your current circumstances.

  • Dental professional in first year of registration: £42
  • Dentist: £125
  • Therapist / hygienist / technician: £83
  • Dental nurse & concessions: £42

To access our membership form, please sign in to our website or if you don’t have an account, register here

How to complete our membership application form

STEP 1: Do you qualify for a concession on the fees? >

Depending on your circumstances, we offer a range of concessions on the membership fee to support you along the way. We offer permanent concessions such as for retired professionals, and we offer temporary concessions including first year of registration or maternity leave. We also offer reduced fees for dental therapists, hygienists, technicians and nurses.

In the first section ‘Concession for membership fees‘, select the concession that you are eligible for in the drop down menu.

STEP 2: Select your dental team role >

In the section ‘Your dental role’ select your current or past (if you are retired) dental team role.

If you are a non-registrant, such as an academic or practice manager, you can apply to become an Affiliate Member of the College. If you are a senior academic with no dental qualification but a strong academic interest in oral health, you may join as a Fellow of the College, on provision of evidence of a paid teaching or research role in a bona fide university.

STEP 3: Eligible for a concession? Enter your concession code here >

We list the discount codes for concessions on the membership application form. Find your code and enter it into the form. Then press ‘APPLY’.

For temporary concessions, such as maternity leave or career break, we ask you to email us with details at [email protected], and we will provide you with a temporary code.

STEP 4: Select your membership level >

Select Associate Member from the list of membership levels. The fee for Associate Membership is £125.

If you have entered a concession discount code, your concessionary fee will be highlighted in the list of membership levels.

Click ‘NEXT’.

STEP 5: Add your personal details and license to practice >

Complete the ‘Personal details‘ section, ensuring you include your name, address with postcode and telephone number. You can specify the name you prefer to be addressed by if you wish.

Enter your registration details.

Click ‘NEXT’.

STEP 6: Do you want to feature on our Member Register? >

Our Member Register is published online and provides evidence of your commitment to the standards and conduct of the College. Your Register entry will only include your name, membership status, practice region and GDC registration details by default.

The default setting includes your listing on the Member Register. Select YES if you wish to be EXCLUDED from the Register.

Click ‘NEXT’ and confirm your payment details.

Congratulations, once you’ve submitted your form and we have accepted your application, you are a member of the College of General Dentistry – welcome!


We offer concessionary fees for those who are retired, or working overseas, and not registered with the GDC.  The discount is permanently applied to your subscription. 

Other concessions are also available and listed below.  If these apply to you, we will apply a temporary 12 month discount on your subscription.

  • First year of practice post registration

Please let us know if the following concessions apply to you:

  • Not practising (eg long-term illness, career break, in FT education)
  • Maternity
  • Hardship / unemployed

We are seeking approval from HMRC to allow members to claim tax relief on their membership subscriptions.

If you have any queries about our memberships, which membership is right for you, how to upgrade or how to apply, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Certified Membership

As an Associate Member, you have the opportunity to enrol on our Certified membership Scheme, which offers enhanced professional recognition and helps you advance your career, through structured, one-to-one career support with a trained Facilitator.

Find out more about Certified Membership.

Benefits to support your career

Joining us gives you access to a range of professional benefits designed to support your continuous development and help you achieve your best – learn more.

CGDent and GC Award for Foundation Dentists

The College and GC, in conjunction with The Tom Bereznicki Charitable Educational Foundation, have launched a new award that recognises clinical skills and a high standard of patient care.

The award is open to Foundation Dentists/Vocational Trainees in the UK and to enter you must submit an aesthetic case you have treated during your Foundation Training. Eligible entries receive a free GC composite kit worth c. £250 (while stocks last) and up to 14 winners will each receive a fully-funded place on a composite layering course that takes place over two days, at GC’s Education Campus in Belgium – find out more.

Not sure Associate Membership is right for you? View our other membership types to find the level that reflects your professional standing.

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