Wednesday 18 January 2023, Manchester

An inaugural gathering of the College of General Dentistry’s ‘1992 Circle’ took place on Wednesday 18 January 2023 at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House, 84 Plymouth Grove, Manchester M13 9LW.

The new group is named in honour of the year the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners was founded, a key moment which brought together the members of the College of General Dental Practitioners (UK) and of the former RCS Advisory Board in General Dental Practice, with the shared ambition to create an independent College over time.

Thirty years on, the 1992 Circle aims to bring together, and recognise, those whose vision put the general dental profession in the UK on a journey towards independent collegiate status, and those whose ongoing commitment carried this through to the establishment of the College of General Dentistry.

The group will gather periodically for social events, typically linked to the College’s main activities, and all those who are retired from practice and were a Fellow of the FGDP, or are or were a Fellow of CGDent, are eligible to attend the inaugural gathering. There is no charge to become a member of the 1992 Circle or to attend the event.

Please note that the College does not hold contact details of all retired Faculty Fellows, who are encouraged to make themselves known to the College, whether or not they can attend the inaugural event. College members are also encouraged to get in touch with retired Faculty Fellows with whom they are acquainted to this end.

Attendees at the 1992 Circle gathering who are members of the College were also invited to join the CGDent Fellows Winter Reception later the same evening

This event was previously advertised as taking place at the Whitworth Art Gallery.