The latest issue of the Primary Dental Journal (vol.12, no.4), on the theme of dental trauma, is now live online.

Focussed on the theme of dental trauma, it is guest edited by Beth Burns, a Consultant & Clinical Lead in Restorative Dentistry at Glasgow Dental Hospital and Board Member of Dental Trauma UK.

In this issue, Mrs Burns has selected a range of key topics for the whole team of dental professionals, including a review of the International Association for Dental Traumatology (IADT) 2020 guidelines, how to prepare for success in dealing with dental trauma, and advice on how to prevent or minimise dental trauma. A full list of papers is below.

While dental trauma is most common in paediatric patients, this issue also looks at the challenges presented in the management of adult trauma patients. As an unscheduled and urgent aspect of dentistry, dental trauma usually presents a level of stress to both the patient and also the dental team, and the issue offers ways to alleviate these stresses in primary dental care through knowledge and practical advice on the assessment and management of a range of traumatic dental events.

Beth Burns summarises:

“This issue aims to provide not just a review of the most up-to-date guidance, but also a demonstration of practical application, with an abundance of clinical cases discussed, and all injury diagnoses covered.

“In planning the contents of this journal, I have aimed to provide dental professionals with a comprehensive source of current information in an easily accessible format. I am immensely proud of the quality of articles all the authors have contributed to this issue, and I hope you will find them an extremely useful resource you can refer to time and time again.”

Overseeing the papers alongside Mrs Burns, the PDJ‘s Editor-in-Chief Professor Igor Blum says this issue will serve as a guide for general dental practice:

“Beth and the contributing authors have excelled in achieving our joint vision to reduce anxiety for the general dental practice team by providing relevant and useful information alongside guidelines to assist in manging patients who have sustained traumatic dental injuries. I am certain readers will find the collection of articles in this issue of interest and will be able to glean useful tips for the next time you will be presented with a patient suffering from acute dental trauma.”

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On behalf of the College, the PDJ editorial team would like to express its gratitude to all the authors and peer reviewers who have contributed to the publication of this issue.

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Issue contents:

The next issue of the journal will feature a wide range of General dentistry papers, and is due out in Spring 2024.

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