The latest issue of the Primary Dental Journal, ‘General dentistry (part two)’, is now available to view online.

This new issue contributes to broadening knowledge on a range of relevant topics for the whole dental team, with papers that have been carefully curated by the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Prof Igor Blum (Clinical Professor of Primary Care Dentistry and Advanced General Dental Practice at King’s College London).

Featured subjects include an insight into the information provided by Greater Manchester dental practice websites on oral cancer; a paradigm shift in dental caries management using silver modified atraumatic restorative treatment (SMART); an overview of the remarkable two-way links between diabetes mellitus and periodontal disease; and a thought-provoking article on regenerative endodontics. Also included in this issue – in the fleeting interim between Presidents, as we bid a fond farewell to Abhi Pal and warmly welcome Roshni Karia to this post – is a unique update from the College’s Chair of Trustees, Mick Horton. (The full list of contents is below.)

Outlining the purposes of the general dentistry issues, Prof Blum said:

“I hope you will enjoy this issue and find the articles… both interesting and stimulating..”

Full online access to the majority of articles is reserved for College of General Dentistry members and Primary Dental Journal subscribers, who can also expect their printed copies to arrive in the next 2–3 weeks.

For non-members / non-subscribers, at least one paper in each issue is made available online free of charge, with all other articles available to purchase via the links below.

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On behalf of the College, the PDJ editorial team would like to express its gratitude to all the authors and peer reviewers who have contributed to the publication of this issue.

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Issue contents:

The next issue of the journal, Implant dentistry (part one), is due out in Autumn 2024.

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