CPD submission reminder

Colleagues are reminded that Sunday 28 August 2022 is the deadline for all dental professionals other than dentists to submit an annual CPD statement detailing professional development activity undertaken between and 1 August 2021 and 31 July 2022.

Delegates at the CGDent Scotland Study Day, December 2021

The GDC requires dental therapists, dental hygienists, orthodontic therapists and clinical dental technicians to complete a minimum of 75 hours of verifiable CPD every five years, and dental nurses and dental technicians a minimum of 50 hours.

All dental professionals need to complete at least 10 hours of verifiable CPD during any two-year period, and must submit an annual CPD statement whether or not they have undertaken any CPD in the preceding 12 months.

The next submission deadline for dentists is 28 January 2023, covering education undertaken during 2022.

The College offers members access to a wide range of CPD opportunities:

CPD library

Free, on-demand access to a library of around 1000 hours of certified, GDC-compliant CPD. To access the content, log in to www.prodentalcpd.com using the details sent to you following your transfer/entry into College membership.

Live webinars

Live, College-hosted webinars covering a wide range of subjects are available free to members every month, powered by ProDental. Recent subjects include practice ownership, managing traumatic dental injuries, sustainability in dentistry, leadership, professionalism and how to get the best from your career.

Members also have free access to all of ProDental’s weekly live webinars.

And if you miss a live webinar, you’ll find it in the online library within around 24 hours.

Details of all recent and upcoming webinars can be found here

Study Days

Members receive heavily discounted attendance fees for study days and events. The following are currently scheduled:

Details of all recent and upcoming study days and events can be found here


The courses for the College’s educational qualifications provide significant numbers of CPD hours. The following are currently offered:

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics
  • Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma in Restorative & Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Care Orthodontics

Stay up-to-date with news about our webinars, study days and educational programmes by ensuring you are signed up to the College’s monthly newsletter here

Third party resources

The College also recommends the following online resources developed by third parties, each of which offers free CPD:

New PDJ online: The general issue – part 1

The new edition of the Primary Dental Journal, The General Issue – part 1, is now online.

In contrast to themed editions of Primary Dental Journal that focus on one specific topic of interest to the primary dental care team, the General Issue features articles on a diverse range of pertinent and relevant subjects to readers. Due to the number of high quality papers submitted this year, we have split the issue into two editions, with Part 2 of the General Issue published in Summer 2022.

The General Issue Part 1 includes articles on the interrelationship between arthritis and oral and dental health, insights into the RAF Deployed Readiness Preparation Team in the UK, the impact of COVID-19 on our understanding of the management of deep caries, and how social media and smartphone tech can empower patients to take control of their own oral health. A full list of papers is below.

CGDent members and PDJ subscribers can access the new issue by visiting: https://cgdent.uk/primary-dental-journal-archive (Members will need to be logged into the CGDent website).

General Issue Part 1 papers:

  • Transformation of preclinical education with a digital platform using progressive learning modules on denture teeth arrangement by Ilser Turkyilmaz, Gregory Neil Wilkins, William Friere Skiba
  • Arthritis and dentistry by Rozana Valiji Bharmal, Matthew Chia
  • Debonding of cast metal-based cantilever and fixed-fixed resin-retained bridgework: A review of the literature by Katharine Dunn, Marcio Alejandro Umanzor Funez, Adrian Pace-Balzan
  • Retrospective audit of midazolam dose and intravenous sedation record keeping in a primary care oral surgery service by Jonathan Liew, Michael Winston
  • The role of the Royal Air Force Deployed Readiness Preparation Team in the UK by Penelope Green
  • Oral cancer diagnosis amid COVID-19 pandemic: Identifying tell-tale signs to avoid pitfalls in general dental practice by Neda Jajeh, Jonathan Liew, Sajid Sainuddin, Helen Petersen
  • Should new operating procedures arising from COVID-19 make us re-think our management of deep caries? by Luciana Melo, Igor R. Blum, Richard M. Foxton
  • Darwinian Dentistry? Social media, smartphones and selfie sticks by Roshni Ruparelia, Martin G.D. Kelleher, Lakhandeep S. Dhanda

As well as the current issue of Primary Dental Journal, CGDent members have free access to the PDJ archive, a rich resource containing over 1,300 informative articles on topics of ongoing relevance to general dental care.

Featuring clinical articles, editorials and updates from the College, the Primary Dental Journal is widely recognised as a leading resource for GDPs and DCPs working in primary care. CGDent membership includes free access to the PDJ, both online and in print – find out more about becoming a member.

CGDent members and PDJ subscribers should expect their printed copies to arrive in the next 2-3 weeks.

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NHS Infection prevention and control conference 2022

Infection Prevention and ControlLearning from Covid-19 & AMR

26 & 27 April 2022, National Conference Centre, Birmingham

This year, the NHS Infection Prevention and Control Conference takes place over two days and explored the lessons learnt from the COVID-19 pandemic and the important issues of antimicrobial resistance and Gram-Negative bloodstream infections.

Topics examined during the conference included outbreak management, improving hand hygiene (and auditing procedures), and decontamination/cleaning protocols. Speakers discussed the theme of infection prevention, review current control standards and celebrate best practice.

The accompanying exhibition will showcase the latest innovation and technology available globally.

For further details of the programme, visit https://www.infectionpreventioncontrol.net/conference-programme/

For a full list of invited speakers, go to https://www.infectionpreventioncontrol.net/speakers/

Aimed at all healthcare professionals, delegates can choose to attend either or both days.

Healthcare professionals working for the NHS, can register for a fully funded conference place here: https://www.infectionpreventioncontrol.net/tickets/

Fully funded places for CGDent members

CGDent members also qualified for access to a limited number of fully funded places, whether working in NHS or private practice.

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CGDent offers students e-learning package 

The College of General Dentistry has announced that it is offering dental students access to a leading dental e-learning package. 

Students who enrol as members of the new College now have access to a growing library of over 350 online training courses and webinar recordings, as well as regular live seminars, through the ProDental platform. ProDental CPD is the UK’s largest independent provider of dental e-learning, serving over 30,000 users with live and on-demand content on their desktop, tablet and mobile devices.  

Since its establishment last year as the successor to the Faculty of General Dental Practice, the College has been co-producing webinars with ProDental on subjects of interest to the general dental team, including the College’s guidance and standards publications, the themes explored in its quarterly Primary Dental Journal (PDJ), and events to support its emerging Career Pathways programme for dental professionals.  

To date, the College has offered access to these – as well as to ProDental’s 900 hours of additional content, GDC-compliant CPD certification of all learning undertaken, and a bespoke online personal development planning tool (e-PDP) – to its Associate Members, Full Members, Associate Fellows and Fellows from across the dental team.  

This access is now available to Student Members of the College. All those undertaking dental education and training in the UK prior to registration are eligible to join the College as Student Members, and a one-off fee of £10 gives membership until the completion of their pre-registration study.  

Student Members also get free or discounted access to CGDent events and study days, regular news and events listings from the College, and online access to the PDJ and PDJ Archive, a rich resource of over 1,300 clinical and professional articles from a journal uniquely dedicated to general dental practice.  

Dental students wishing to enjoy these benefits should visit https://cgdent.uk/join/  

Dr Abhi Pal, President of the College of General Dentistry, said:  

“One of the College’s key missions is to support dental professionals at all stages to progress in their careers. Our new offer for dental students will complement undergraduate studies while also enabling them to look beyond dental school and arrive armed and ready to succeed in the next phase of their professional lives.” 

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New PDJ online: Paediatric dentistry

The new edition of the Primary Dental Journal, Paediatric Dentistry, is now online.

Guest edited by Dr Sanjeev Sood of King’s College London, this issue is dedicated to promoting oral health in children, and outlines strategies for prevention and contemporary management of dental disease in childhood.

It features papers on communicating effectively in a paediatric setting, the dental management of children with haemophilia, and minimally invasive treatments for dentine caries in primary teeth.

CGDent members and PDJ subscribers can access the new issue by visiting: https://journals.sagepub.com/toc/prda/current (Members will need to be logged into the CGDent website).

Paediatric Dentistry content includes:

  • Promoting oral health and managing dental disease in childhood: current perspectives for primary dental care (Igor R Blum) (Editorial)
  • Paediatric dentistry (Sanjeev Sood) (Guest Editorial)
  • Research abstracts: Paediatric dentistry (Ario Santini)
  • Management of patients with poor prognosis first permanent molars beyond ‘ideal’ timing (Laura Warrilow, Sheridan McDonald)
  • Parental views on minimally invasive dentistry versus general anaesthesia extractions of children’s compromised first permanent molars: an exploratory qualitative study (Mona Agel, Sasha Scambler, Marie Therese Hosey)
  • When less is more: minimally invasive, evidence-based treatments for dentine caries in primary teeth – the Hall Technique and silver diamine fluoride (Waraf Al-Yaseen, Nassar Seifo, Shannu Bhatia, Nicola Innes)
  • An update on the dental management of children with Haemophilia (Ruixiang Yee, Monty S Duggal, Vivian Yung Yee Wong, Joyce Ching Mei Lam)
  • Replacement resorption in children: the root of all evil? (Laura Warrilow, Tanika Gohil, Abdullah Casaus)
  • ‘Childrenese’: a pilot survey on the choice of language in a paediatric dental setting (Mairead Hennigan, Alice Hamilton, Antoniella Busuttil-Naudi)
  • Dental bleaching: ‘now I can smile for my selfies’ – paediatric patients’ perspectives (Nabeel Ilyas, Sophie Marshall, Meera Ahluwalia)

As well as the current issue of Primary Dental Journal, CGDent members have free access to the PDJ archive, a rich resource containing over 1,300 informative articles on topics of ongoing relevance to general dental care.

Featuring clinical articles, editorials and updates from the College, the Primary Dental Journal is widely recognised as a leading resource for GDPs and DCPs working in primary care. CGDent membership includes free access to the PDJ, both online and in print – find out more about becoming a member.

CGDent members and PDJ subscribers should expect their printed copies to arrive in the next 2-3 weeks.

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The PDJ Archive: a rich resource for members, with over 1,300 articles

The Primary Dental Journal Archive is now up and running, with access for CGDent members fully established.

The Primary Dental Journal (PDJ) is the College of General Dentistry’s quarterly peer-reviewed journal, and with its unique dedication to general dental practice, is widely recognised as a leading resource for all dental professionals working in primary care.

Three themed issues in each annual volume explore topics of interest and relevance to the primary care dental team, led by an invited Guest Editor who is a renowned expert in the field, with one ‘general issue’ per volume covering a wide range of topics.

Published by the Faculty of General Dental Practice until its transfer into the College earlier this year, PDJ was first issued in October 2012, and was preceded by Primary Dental Care.

As well as receiving quarterly printed copies of the latest issues of PDJ, College members now have exclusive online access not only to the full articles in the current issue, but to all past PDJ content and all Primary Dental Care content published this century, a rich resource of over 1,300 articles spanning 23 volumes and 88 issues.

Curated by our publishing partner, SAGE Publishing, the PDJ Archive is an invaluable research tool, offering a wide array of clinical papers of ongoing relevance to general dental care, as well as articles covering a range of professional topics which continue to be discussed and debated.

It offers members access to content which they may not have received in print at the point of publication, and for those who were longstanding members of the FGDP and may prefer to consult their library of print issues, the online search functionality will enable them to quickly identify where to find particular articles.

To access to the PDJ Archive, members should visit https://cgdent.uk/primary-dental-journal-archive

Members may be interested to note that the College is now co-producing a series of webinars that examine topics covered in recent and imminent issues of PDJ. These are free to view live, with CGDent members also offered a free CPD certificate and free on-demand access to the recordings. Visit our events page for a list of upcoming live webinars and to access recent webinar recordings.

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New PDJ online now: Urgent dental care and COVID-19

The latest issue of the Primary Dental Journal, Urgent dental care and COVID-19, is now online. In it, we reflect on dentistry’s response to a global healthcare challenge, with articles from colleagues around the world.

The following articles are free to view for all dental professionals by visiting https://journals.sagepub.com/toc/prda/current:

  • Urgent dental care and oral health under the clouds of COVID-19 (Igor R Blum) (Editorial)
  • Urgent dental care and COVID-19 (Wendy Thompson) (Guest Editorial)
  • COVID-19 lockdown and recovery: a dental public health perspective from Lancashire and South Cumbria (Ross Keat)
  • COVID-19 Pandemic: The Urgent Dental Hub experience from a primary care perspective (Zohaib Khwaja, Awais Ali, Manraj Rai)

Members of the College of General Dentistry can unlock all articles by visiting https://cgdent.uk/primary-dental-journal-member-only. You will need to be logged in to the CGDent website.

Member-only content includes:

  • President’s update (Abhi Pal)
  • College news & events
  • Research abstracts: Urgent dental care and COVID-19 (Ario Santini)
  • Dentists deployed: an insider’s perspective of life on the NHS front line (Harriet E Powell)
  • Provision of dental care by public health dental clinics during the COVID-19 pandemic in Alberta, Canada (Heidi Rabie, Rafael Figueiredo)
  • Understanding behaviour change to promote regular dental attendance (Jessica Holloway)
  • Dental Emergencies: Perceived impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health and wellbeing of dental teams in the UK (Fiona Ellwood)
  • Delivering urgent oral healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa: supporting sustainable local development (Rachael England, Andrew Paterson, Adam Jones)
  • Primary care research: views of a dental team on their experiences of a primary care study (Reem Al-Nashi Elia, Javed Ikram, Tim Clayton, Victor Chow, Emily Aldred, Kim Pilotille, Nichola Stones, Zhain Mustufvi)

CGDent members and PDJ subscribers should expect their printed copies to arrive in the next 2-3 weeks.

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Notice to members and subscribers in European Union countries

Print issues of the Primary Dental Journal (PDJ) being sent to members subscribers in European Union (EU) countries are now subject to import VAT at the domestic rate of the country in which you are located.

This is a result of recent EU legislation on cross-border e-commerce, which has removed the import VAT exemption threshold and changed the point of taxation from the supplier to the location of the consumer receiving the goods.

Our publisher, SAGE, will now be transporting your print issues of the PDJ into the EU and clearing them through customs.

CGDent will pay any VAT due, and no charge will be made to members/subscribers.

However, short term disruption is a possibility as postal services and customs authorities are reported to have had difficulty in understanding and applying the new rules.

If you receive a payment notice to release your copy of PDJ from your local postal service, do not pay it – instead, please contact [email protected] for resolution/resupply.

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College of General Dentistry opens to all and outlines membership package

The College of General Dentistry (CGDent), the UK’s only professional body dedicated to primary dental care, has opened its doors to all dental professionals.

Uniquely among the UK’s colleges, membership of the new organisation is now available to the whole dental team at all grades, dependent on an individual’s level of education and professional achievement.

Continue reading “College of General Dentistry opens to all and outlines membership package”

Robert Dyas, Oral Surgeon and Director of ProDentalCPD

Dr Robert Dyas, Oral Surgeon and Director of ProDentalCPD, explains how he developed his highly successful online dental CPD platform, and how CGDent members will benefit from free access to an extensive package of quality-assured CPD and ePDP.

There have been several elements to my career so far. I am a specialist oral surgeon and have been a mentor in oral surgery, implantology and sedation for many years. I am also an ITI Fellow, FFGDP and FDS RCS.

Currently I am in part time Specialist Private Practice limited to oral surgery and implants, providing a full range of grafting both soft tissue and bone, including zygomatic implants and full arch reconstructions.

Prior to this clinical role I worked in NHS practice and hospital / university settings in oral and maxillofacial surgery. I was for many years a lecturer in Oral Surgery, organising university undergraduate and postgraduate courses. I was also awarded a prestigious Wellcome Trust Research Training Fellowship.

I worked part time for COPDEND (the UK Committee of Postgraduate Dental Deans and Directors) for five years, developing dental postgraduate courses. During this time I realised the limitations of face-to-face CPD provision. Difficulties in access, sourcing speakers, travel, costs, and time. This sentiment was encouraged by my wife and business partner Julia who has a background in training and development and was able to introduce me to world experts in distance learning back in 2005. This group of people worked with us for many years and led to the development of our bespoke learning management platform and eLearning authoring tool. We are very proud that our bespoke learning design has successfully won innovation awards for the last four years, including best e-learning platform in healthcare.

The key driver behind what we have been doing has always been to create the best, most innovative learning experiences we can for our users. To do this we have invested well over £500k to develop the platform we currently have. In 2020, we were commissioned by HEE colleagues locally to create a COVID training package for dental teams working in the UK. Well over 50,000 dental professionals completed this free course.

We currently have over 350 CPD courses on our website and this is being added to every week with, on average, an extra two courses.  We also have users in 69 countries around the world and create content in collaboration with colleagues internationally. Recently we have worked with Bridge2Aid, Smileawi and the Maldent Project and are currently looking at models for disseminating learning to remote and rural areas.

In the last year we have collaborated with friends and colleagues at CGDent and FGDP to create and host 20 webinars in many areas of dentistry with some fantastic feedback and responses, and over 30,000 viewers.

What the CGDent members CPD package includes 

CGDent members will have free access to all ProDentalCPD recorded content. Currently there are over 350 online courses available, which vary in length from 30 minutes to 48 hours. All courses are timed as per GDC requirements, so the certificate reflects the actual time taken. This equates to over 900 hours of CPD, increasing by four hours every week. The courses cover all areas of dentistry, for all members of the dental team, are independent and peer reviewed. 

A minimum of two webinars per month will be created with and for the College. In addition, there is an existing program which will be made available to CGDent members at no extra cost. These webinars will be themed around CGDent and FGDP Standards and Guidance, as well as topics featured in the Primary Dental Journal.  CGDent members will also get free access to other live and recorded content, on average another eight webinars per month.

How the package will support the full dental team

Our mantra has always been to enable and elevate people so they can make the very best out of their career. CPD and learning should be inclusive, stimulating, and rewarding for all members of the team

CGDent members will have access to a branded and refined version of the existing ProDental ePDP platform.  I have been involved in the concept and creation of PDPs long before they became mandatory, personally lecturing widely and contributing to their conception over 10 years ago, maintaining an active interest in their continual improvement ever since. Development will be continuous, to ensure that the ePDP provides an increasingly capable platform, aligned to CGDent’s Career Pathways programme and supporting the prioritisation of professional development goals, for each member of the dental team.

I have always been passionate about both personal development and also learning through helping others. Dentistry can be a tough job to get into but can have many rewards. Learning and education have been the backbone of my career which I have enjoyed immensely. I believe real CPD should be quality assured and help all colleagues reach their potential and get the very best out of their careers. I have been very fortunate to meet people in my career who have acted as mentors and helped to develop areas of my career. This has helped me attain things I never believed were possible in my life. I believe that CGDent offers new opportunities for the whole dental team to develop their careers, form relationships and get the support they need in their career journey. I feel honoured to be able to help this fantastic organisation.

Find out more about the benefits of joining the College of General Dentistry and how to register.