The College of General Dentistry (CGDent), which opened following the separation of the Faculty of General Dental Practice (FGDP) from the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) in 2021, has now admitted over 400 dental professionals into Fellowship in recognition of their high-level and wide-ranging capabilities.

Louis Mackenzie, Head Dental Officer at Denplan (Part of Simplyhealth), clinical lecturer at Birmingham Dental School and King’s College London, and GDP in Selly Park, being formally welcomed into Fellowship by CGDent President Abhi Pal at the College’s 2023 Fellows’ Summer Reception

Fellowship, which is denoted by the postnominal letters ‘FCGDent’, is the highest membership grade of the College. The mark of accomplishment in general dentistry, it indicates a dental professional’s commitment to professional development and reflective practice, diligence in upholding the highest standards of clinical care, and distinction across clinical and professional domains.

Fellows are listed in the College’s online Member Register, and are eligible to wear a special lapel pin and to attend biannual Fellows’ Receptions, at which new Fellows have their Fellowship formally presented. Most recently, the College presented 47 individuals with their Fellowships in front of 120 Fellows and Associate Fellows at their Summer Reception.

The primary means of establishing eligibility for Fellowship is by experience, a route launched last year to recognise a wide range of skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications relevant to dentistry and oral healthcare, with transparent criteria and a straightforward application process. Applicants must demonstrate that they meet the requirements of at least three of five fellowship domains, for each of which detailed criteria have been published: Clinical; Teaching, Learning & Assessment; Leadership & Management; Publications & Research; and Law & Ethics.

Fellowship eligibility can also be established by equivalence for those already awarded Fellowship by the former FGDP(UK), by any of the UK and Ireland Royal Colleges or their Faculties of Dental Surgery (FDS) or Dentistry (FFD), by the Royal Australasian College of Dental Surgeons (FRACDS), Royal College of Dentists of Canada (FRCDC) or College of Dentistry of South Africa (FCD[SA]), or to those who are Board Certified by the American Board of General Dentistry.

The College Council may also invite an individual into Fellowship when satisfied that their career and qualifications demonstrably meet the requirements for an application either by experience or by equivalence.

Additionally, former Fellows of the FGDP who elected to transfer directly to the College when the Faculty separated from the RCS were automatically admitted to Fellowship of the College without the need for application.

However, while there are different routes to College Fellowship, there are no different types of College Fellowship. Having demonstrated by whichever means that they meet the required standard, all College Fellows enjoy equal standing.

Addressing those gathered at the Summer Reception, College President Abhi Pal said:

“Fellowship of our College is a reflection of the years of sustained professional development you have undertaken throughout your career. No matter which path you have taken to Fellowship, it has required sacrifice and perseverance for the ultimate purpose of service to your patients and the profession. I not only commend you for that, but firmly believe the College of General Dentistry is the only body that will give recognition for these efforts. Admittance to Fellowship should however not be the end of a journey, but the start of another chapter.”

Fellowship is open to all members of the dental team should they meet the requirements, and suitably experienced and qualified dental professionals are encouraged to apply.

Prospective applicants may be interested to read about the career journeys of a selection of College Fellows here.

The following College members have been admitted to Fellowship:

 Nick Spencer AdamsDentist, Wellington
 Thomas AddisonDentist, Birmingham
 Olurotimi AdesanyaDentist, Gillingham
 Kelvin Ian AfrashtehfarDentist, Surrey, British Columbia
 Vishal Raghubir Kumar AggarwalDentist, Leeds
 Anirudha AgnihotryDentist, Visalia, California
 Asrar AhmedDentist, Eastbourne
 Nadeem Tony AhmedDentist, Hednesford
 Ali Al BayatiDentist, Baghdad
 Nutalya bint Said bin Amran al HarthyDentist, Muscat
 Mohamed Al IsmailiDentist, Muscat
 Abdulghani Mustafa Sadiq AlarabiDentist, Muscat
 Jennifer AlbistonDentist, Yeovil
 Simon AlbistonDentist, Wincanton
 Ziad Nawaf Al-DwairiDentist, Irbid
 Rana Khaled AlkattanDentist, Riyadh
 Maher AlmasriDentist, Birmingham
 Amin AminianDentist, Stockport
 Harinder Rattan Singh AmrikDentist, Birmingham
 John Quentin AndersonDentist, Hemel Hempstead
 Orestis Angeletos-PaparizosDentist, London
 Senathirajah AriyaratnamDentist, Altrincham
 Rahul Kumar AroraDentist, Muscat
 Peter AshDentist, Monmouth
 Martin Peter AshleyDentist, Manchester
 Tariq Mahmood AshrafDentist, London
 Jerry AsquithDentist, Northwood
 Hilary Michael AttenboroughDentist, Warminster
 Sukhvinder Singh AtthiDentist, Birmingham
 Paul BainesDentist, Bristol
 Avijit BanerjeeDentist, High Wycombe
 Subir BanerjiDentist, London
 Fadi Nassif BarrakDentist, London
 Jagan Kumar BaskaradossDentist, Kuwait
 Paul BatchelorDentist, Letcombe Regis
 Robert Stephen BateDentist, Warwick
 Anthony BendkowskiDentist, Sittingbourne
 Adrian William BennettDentist, Oldham
 Roy Keith BennettDentist, Heswall
 Thomas Jack BereznickiDentist, London
 Balbir Singh BhandalDentist, Warley
 Sanjeev BhanderiDentist, Cheadle
 Trevor Joel BiggDentist, Chipping Norton
 Mohammed BinaminDentist, Solihull
 Rebecca Sarah Louise BinnieDentist, Aberdeen
 Robert Ian BlandDentist, Preston
 Paul David BlaylockDentist, Sunderland
 Philip BluettDentist, Ivybridge
 Steve BonsorDentist, Aberdeen
 Daniel Norbert BorgeDentist, Gibraltar
 Gerard BoyleDentist, Glasgow
 Gordon Russell BoyleDentist, Glasgow
 Christine BreareDentist, Mirfield
 Zena BrenchleyDentist, Chulmleigh
 Janine Amelia Brooks MBEDentist, Northampton
 Richard John Frank BuckleDentist, Aberdeen
 Trevor BurkeDentist, Birmingham
 Robert Stephen BurrowsDentist, St Helens
 Peter James ButcherDentist, Grantham
 Ashley Rowland ByrneClinical Dental Technician, Wheatley
 Josette CamilleriDentist, Birmingham
 Colin CampbellDentist, Nottingham
 Steven William CampbellDental Technician, Ripon
 Phillip CannellDentist, Rochford
 Paul CarrollDentist, Sutton Coldfield
 Nigel Lindsay Carter OBEDentist, Rugby
 Francisco Javier CasserleyDentist, Middleton
 Wing Kit Paul ChanDentist, Hong Kong
 Yee Chuen ChanDentist, Hong Kong
 Andrew Asir Praveen ChandrapalDentist, Bourne End
 Asif Hassan ChatooDentist, London
 Mahesh Max ChauhanDentist, London
 Masud Anwar ChoudhryDentist, Sheffield
 Janet Ruth Clarke MBEDentist, Worcester
 Matthew ClarkeDentist, Sheffield
 Simon Clavell-BateDentist, Clitheroe
 Matthew John CloverDentist, Salisbury
 Matthew John CollinsDentist, Wetherby
 Paul CooneyDentist, Hamilton
 Jeremy Andrew CooperDentist, Manchester
 Jonathan George CowpeDentist, Dinas Powys
 Robert Francis Aubrey CraigDentist, Glasgow
 Charles Edward CrawfordDentist, Manchester
 David CroserDentist, London
 Richard John CureDentist, Leamington Spa
 Lisa CurrieDentist, Aberdeen
 William Paul CushleyDentist, Airdrie
 Mohamad Hani Nouri DalatiDentist, Middlesbrough
 Griffith John Kineton DarbyDentist, Beckenham
 Brian Richard DaviesDentist, Reading
 John Louis Garfield DaviesDentist, Tauranga, New Zealand
 Stephen John DaviesDentist, Stockport
 Andrew DawoodDentist, London
 Gustinna Wadu De SilvaDentist, Newcastle-under-Lyme
 Aditi DesaiDentist, London
 Faresh DesaiDentist, Birmingham
 John Charles DevennieDentist, Glasgow
 Balraj DhamiDentist, Sutton Coldfield
 Onkar DhanoyaDentist, Newcastle upon Tyne
 Jaswinder Singh DhariwalDentist, Slough
 Michael Karl DhesiDentist, Glasgow
 Andrew John DickensonDentist, Derby
 Neeraj Kumar DiddeeDentist, Durham
 Kenneth DoigDentist, Boston
 Mark Robert William DoyleDentist, Hereford
 Tariq DrabuDentist, Manchester
 Mervyn DruianDentist, London
 Ian Neil DunnDentist, Liverpool
 Stephen Michael DunneDentist, London
 Jonathan EatonDentist, Knutsford
 Andrew Howard Eric EderDentist, Middlesex
 Bilal El-DhuwaibDentist, Sheffield
 Stuart McDonald EllisDentist, Cambridge
 Jacqui Ruth ElsdenDental Nurse, Southwater
 Rachael Ann EnglandDental Hygienist, Geneva
 Ekaterina FabrikantDentist, London
 Jonathan Charles FarmerDentist, Market Rasen
 Shelagh FarrellDentist, Edenbridge
 Zbigniew FedorowiczDentist, Huntingdon
 Susan Claire FentonDentist, Winchester
 Carl Stafford FenwickClinical Dental Technician, Newcastle upon Tyne
 Koray FeranDentist, London
 Simon FieldhouseDentist, Bradford-on-Avon
 Timothy James FosterDentist, Malton
 Thomas Edward FoulgerDentist, Broadstone
 Peter Michael Frost BEMDentist, London
 Alexandra Mary FurnessDentist, Hoylake
 Richard FurnessDentist, Hoylake
 Sir Ian Derek GainsfordDentist, Jerusalem
 Kuldip Singh GakhalDentist, Wolverhampton
 John Anthony Gamon CBEDentist, Aylesbury
 Allen Felix Saadiah GaonDentist, Edgware
 Victor Tikam GehaniDentist, Stanmore
 Stanley GelbierDentist, Finchley
 Elizabeth Wallace GlassDentist, Glasgow
 Nicola Zeeba GoreDentist, London
 Michael Alan GowDentist, Glasgow
 Linda Helene GreenwallDentist, London
 Alexander Michael GreigDentist, Tetbury
 Daniel GunaseelanDentist, Stanmore
 Harish GuptaDentist, Birmingham
 Hridesh Kumar GuptaDentist, Mirfield
 Andrew HaddenDentist, Milton of Campsie
 James Patrick HamiltonDentist, Naas
 Sean HamiltonDentist, Yelverton
 Sally Jane HanksDentist, Tavistock
 Raghunathan HariDentist, Tunbridge Wells
 Amy Louise HarperDentist, Kirkcaldy
 Kenneth Andrew HarperDentist, London
 Kenneth Joseph HarrisDentist, Sunderland
 Esmail Fakirmohamad HarunaniDentist, Sidcup
 Bryan David HarveyDentist, Brentwood
 Dominic Carmel HassallDentist, Solihull
 Haidar HassanDentist, London
 Sherin Abdulmohamed HassanallyDentist, Surbiton
 Keith Edward HayesDentist, Tunbridge Wells
 Audoen HealyDentist, High Wycombe
 Deborah HemingtonDental Therapist, Bromley
 Edward Paul Thomas HemsDentist, Henley-on-Thames
 Noel HendersonDentist, Roscommon
 Robert HensherDentist, Dorset
 Mark Andrew HillDentist, Cardiff
 Oliver Lee HintonDentist, Knutsford
 Christopher John HirdDentist, Wetherby
 Christopher CK HoDentist, Chatswood, New South Wales
 Ross HobsonDentist, Morpeth
 Alexander HoldenDentist, Crows Nest, New South Wales
 Victoria HoldenDentist, Newbury
 Michael Anthony HortonDentist, Woore
 Mark-Steven HoweDentist, Sedgeberrow
 Ryan Keir HughesDentist, Wells
 Ian Richard HuntDentist, Altrincham
 Abid HussainDentist, Solihull
 Faris Hazim HussainDentist, Beckenham
 Mohammed IbrahimDentist, Bidar, Karnataka
 Javed IkramDentist, Thornton-Cleveleys
 Robert IrelandDentist, Warwick
 Amita JandaDentist, Sutton Coldfield
 Sachin JauharDentist, Glasgow
 Andrea JohnsonDental Technician, Sutton-in-Ashfield
 Stuart Brooke JohnstonDentist, Usk
 Philip Winstone JohnstoneDentist, London
 Ian JonesDentist, Aberdeen
 Adrian Mark JordanDentist, Waltham Chase
 Roy Birander JudgeDentist, Melbourne
 Zaki KanaanDentist, London
 Helen Mary KaneyDentist, Hamilton
 Zoeb KapadiaDentist, Leicester
 Elizabeth KayDentist, Liskeard
 Jonathan Michael KennairDentist, Bolton
 Ian KerrDentist, Hawkhurst
 Pejman KhakiDentist, Horsham
 Khaled KhalafDentist, Aberdeen
 Salman Ashraf KhanDentist, Lahore
 Fazeela Khan-OsborneDentist, London
 Tashfeen KholasiDentist, Hornchurch
 Peter Anthony KingDentist, Wilmslow
 Eldo KoshyDentist, Palarivattom, Kerala
 David Ross KramerDentist, Twickenham
 Anthony Stephen KravitzDentist, London
 Sornakumar KrishnamoorthiDentist, Plymouth
 Jonathan David LackDentist, Edgware
 Ravinder LallDentist, Northampton
 Nicholas Andrew LaneDentist, Bradford
 David LanghamDentist, Taunton
 Herman Kin Man LeeDentist, Hong Kong
 William Wang-Kee LeeDentist, Warrington
 Jason Andrew Leitch CBEDentist, Glasgow
 Gillian M LennoxDentist, Glasgow
 Sharon Patricia LettersDentist, Glasgow
 Yin Hon Alexander LeungDentist, Hong Kong
 Kevin James LewisDentist, Stamford
 Nicholas LewisDentist, Yateley
 Jonathan LiewDentist, Liverpool
 Elisavet LiontouDentist, Aberdeen
 Michael Victor LloydDentist, Chalford
 Chris LoucaDentist, Orpington
 Christopher Daniel LynchDentist, Killorgin
 Naveed MaanDentist, Colchester
 Louis Murray MackenzieDentist, Birmingham
 Fiona Janet MackillopDentist, London
 Derek John MaguireDentist, Dungannon
 Leonard John MaguireDentist, Dungannon
 Derek Roy MahonyDentist, Haberfield, New South Wales
 Yann Georges MaidmentDentist, Edinburgh
 John Lawrence MakinDentist, London
 Natashekara MalleshDentist, Doha
 Rachappa MallikarjunaDentist, Muscat
 George MargaritisDentist, Totton
 Peter MartinDentist, Liverpool
 Hew Byrne Mathewson CBEDentist, Edinburgh
 John Bernard Roger MatthewsDentist, Shanklin
 Peter Walter MautheDentist, Gravesend
 Samuel Mark McAlisterDentist, Leeds
 Louis William McArdleDentist, Theydon Bois
 Ewen Mark McCollDentist, Kingsbridge
 Sinead McEnhillDentist, Enniskillen
 John McVeighDentist, Tavistock
 Shamir Bhupendra MehtaDentist, Stanmore
 Alasdair Gordon MillerDentist, Taunton
 Richard John MillhouseDentist, Cambridge
 Ian James MillsDentist, Torrington
 John Gordon MilneDentist, Wakefield
 Shashi Bhushan MishraDentist, Langford
 Philip MooDentist, Ashford
 Thegan MoodleyDentist, Bromsgrove
 Kirstie MoonsDental Nurse, Nantgarw
 Adrian Nicholas Kenneth MooreDentist, Brighton
 Alyn MorganDentist, Leeds
 David John MorleyDentist, Bath
 Fraser James MorrisonDentist, Edinburgh
 Kishalaya MukherjeeDentist, Wolverhampton
 Sukhdeep MurbayDentist, Newcastle upon Tyne
 Triveni NalawadeDentist, Muscat
 Anoupvir Singh NandraDentist, Birmingham
 Khaja NawazDentist, Chennai
 James Alexander NeilsonClinical Dental Technician, Derby
 Tan Minh NguyenDental Therapist, Templestowe Lower, Victoria
 Lucy NicholsDentist, Thames Ditton
 Matthew NolanDentist, London
 Ette Etim NtekimDentist, Holyhead
 Sarab OberaiDentist, Virginia Water
 Eimear O’ConnellDentist, Edinburgh
 Mark James O’HaraDentist, Horsham
 Dominic O’HooleyDentist, Leeds
 Conor O’MalleyDentist, Hamilton
 Peter OmmerDentist, Glasgow
 Graham OrrDentist, Morpeth
 Christine OsborneDentist, West Byfleet
 Mary Colette O’SullivanDentist, Ashford
 Abhijit PalDentist, Birmingham
 Marie Ruby ParkerDental Nurse, Stanford-le-Hope
 Hussein Saifuddin PatanwalaDentist, Birmingham
 Divyash PatelDentist, London
 Kishan PatelDentist, Pinner
 Pankaj Patel OGWDentist, Uxbridge
 Raseshkumar Shantilal PatelDentist, London
 Tushar Chandulal PatelDentist, Chelmsford
 Kaushik PaulDentist, Birmingham
 Chris PenlingtonDentist, Newcastle upon Tyne
 Keith PercivalDentist, Fareham
 Noel John PerkinsDentist, Kirkby Lonsdale
 Polyxeni PetropoulouDentist, Muscat
 Ralph PickupDentist, Waddington
 Allan Vernon PirieDentist, Glasgow
 Manish PrasadDentist, Birmingham
 Barry Francis Arthur QuinnDentist, London
 Sudha RajmohanDentist, Muscat
 Raj Rattan MBEDentist, Hemel Hempstead
 Deborah ReedDental Nurse, Swadlincote
 Elliot  RhodesDentist, Newport
 Robin John RichardsonDentist, Sutton Coldfield
 Marcello RiggioDental academic, Glasgow
 Christopher RobertsDentist, Truro
 George RodgersDentist, Wigan
 Iain RoeDentist, Halesowen
 Samuel Russell RollingsDentist, Aberdeen
 Catherine Margaret RutlandDentist, Kings Worthy
 Zubair SacranieDentist, Solihull
 Peter John Arthur SandersDentist, Winchester
 Peter SandsDentist, Abingdon
 Ario SantiniDentist, Edinburgh
 Julian David SatterthwaiteDentist, Manchester
 Amir SavageDentist, Alton
 George Christou SavvaDentist, Derby
 Eddie Leonard Caspar ScherDentist, London
 Julian Philip ScottDentist, Eastbourne
 Andrew SeeDentist, Hunters Hill, New South Wales
 Noha Mohamed Said Abdelaziz SeoudiDentist, London
 Kevin Guy SeymourDentist, Baldock
 Nileshkumar Ratilal ShahDentist, Loughborough
 Arthur See King ShamDentist, Hong Kong
 Shaam Ahmed ShamsiDentist, Biddulph
 Pranay SharmaDentist, Ilford
 Pratik Kumar SharmaDentist, Ilford
 William SharplingClinical Dental Technician, Woking
 Naresh Yedthare Yedthate ShettyDentist, Ajman, United Arab Emirates
 Penelope Jane ShirlawDentist, London
 Yejide Olufunmilayo SijuwadeDentist, Bury St Edmunds
 Deepak SimkhadaDental Therapist, Sunbury on Thames
 Gurdeep SinghDentist, Muscat
 Ashis Colin SinhaDentist, Solihull
 Hin Ho SiuDentist, Hong Kong
 Charles Adam Edward SladeDentist, London
 Oliver SmartDentist, Birmingham
 Nikolai Ramsay StankiewiczDentist, Somerton
 Rhona StevensDentist, Bingley
 Graham Douglas StokesDentist, Malvern
 Finlay Andrew SuttonDentist, Lancaster
 Vincent SymeDentist, Taunton
 Susan Rebecca Rose TannerDentist, London
 Millicent Rowena TaylorDentist, Embleton, Western Australia
 Michael Frederick ThomasDentist, Gosport
 Wendy ThompsonDentist, Kirkby Lonsdale
 Patricia Anne ThomsonDentist, Glasgow
 Robert McNeill ThomsonDentist, Glasgow
 Peter Howard ThornleyDentist, Sutton Coldfield
 Adrian ThorpDentist, Cadole
 Akinwale Adebisi TikareDentist, Gravesend
 Paul Anthony TiptonDentist, Altrincham
 Robert Stanley TobinDentist, Birmingham
 Andrew Charles ToyDentist, West Bridgford
 Christopher TredwinDentist, Yelverton
 Michael John TrenouthDentist, Grange-over-Sands
 Jonathan Ramsey TurnbullDentist, Edinburgh
 Christopher TurnerDentist, Bath
 Elizabeth TylerDentist, Lichfield
 Tevfik Cemal UcerDentist, Salford
 Jinesh Jagdish VaghelaDentist, South Mimms
 Alison Drina van den BergDentist, Bristol
 Manjul Karsandas VasantDentist, London
 Rajesh Mohankumar WadhwaniDentist, Cambridge
 Pamela WardDentist, Nottingham
 Faraza WastiDentist, Sale
 Stephen John WatersDentist, Longhope
 Michael WatsonDentist, Manningtree
 Indika Danuka WeerapperumaDentist, High Wycombe
 Brian WestburyDentist, Loughton
 John WibberleyClinical Dental Technician, Kincardine
 Peter Michael WilkinsDentist, Warwick
 Thomas James Spencer WillanDentist, Horbury
 Francis Brian Brian WilliamsDentist, Leatherhead
 Peter James WillyDentist, Bournemouth
 Michael WilsonDentist, London
 Sir Nairn Wilson CBEDentist, Alderley Edge
 Neil Andrew WilsonDentist, Solihull
 James WiseDentist, Teddington
 Robert WittonDentist, Plymouth
 Jason WongDentist, Grantham
 Ian David WoodDentist, Sale
 Jeremy Andrew WoodcockDentist, Chesham
 Mark Stuart WrightDentist, Godalming
 Riaz YarDentist, Altrincham
 Albert YeungDentist, Glasgow
 Nadeem YounisDentist, Burnley
 Patrik Magnus ZachrissonDentist, Huntingdon
 Hassan Mahmoud Abdelrahman ZiadaDentist, Las Vegas

Please note the above list excludes any Fellows who have opted out of inclusion in the College’s Member Register

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