Recorded webinarThursday 21 July 2022

This webinar busts some myths about the duty of candour as it applies to dentistry and explains its implications for practice owners, dentists and other team members, the records we need to keep and the conversations we need to be having in order to stay on the right side of the law.

“There has always been a widespread misplaced belief that the duty of candour was introduced to fix a problem in medical/hospital-based/institutional healthcare and wasn’t really relevant to dentistry.  In fact, it certainly does apply, albeit in different (perhaps surprising) ways.”


  • To explain the essentials of the legal (statutory) and ethical (professional) duty of candour and the circumstances in which there will also be a contractual duty of candour
  • To explain the general duty of candour and importance of organisational culture and the involvement of the entire dental team
  • To improve understanding of what is (and isn’t) a notifiable safety incident, what needs to happen next
  • To emphasise the similarities and differences between what the law and the GDC expects of us in relation to the duty of candour


  • Kevin Lewis, Consultant Editor for Dentistry Magazine, former Dental Director at Dental Protection and a founding Trustee of the College of General Dentistry

GDC development outcomes: A, B, C, D

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