Mick Horton to be next Chair of CGDent 

Dr Mick Horton FCGDent, former Dean of the Faculty of General Dental Practice UK (FGDP), has been appointed as the next Chair of the College’s Trustee Board.

Dr Mick Horton FCGDent, Trustee of CGDent and former Dean of the FGDP(UK)

Dr Horton qualified from Manchester University in 1986, initially working in Fleetwood, Lancashire. In 1992, he purchased a mixed NHS/private practice in Caergwrle, North Wales, where he worked for the next thirty years.

In 2015, he became the ninth Dean of the FGDP, and the first non-Fellow to have been elected to the post. Under his Deanship, the Faculty initiated the process of separating from the Royal College of Surgeons of England to create an independent college for general dental professionals. He has served as a Trustee of the resulting College of General Dentistry, into which the FGDP transferred in 2021, since completing his three year term as FGDP Dean in 2018.

Dr Horton’s experience also encompasses 22 years as Chair of his Local Dental Committee, ten years as Vice Chair of his local Health Board, 20 years as a postgraduate CPD tutor, working as a dental nurse examiner and being a member of the Welsh Dental Committee as well as Managed Clinical Networks. His professional interests include patient safety, human factors, risk management, mentoring and quality improvement, and he continues to serve on national policy groups in these areas.

During the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, he chaired the joint FGDP-CGDent working group which developed Implications of COVID-19 for the safe management of general dental practice, guidance which the organisations published a week ahead of the re-opening of dental practices in England, at a time when no official guidance for re-opening was available, and which was downloaded over 50,000 times in that week alone.

In 2020 he was elected to the Fellowship of FGDP in recognition of his exceptional career record and active support of the Faculty and its mission. In 2021, he was Guest Editor of the first issue of the Primary Dental Journal published by the College, on the theme of leadership and professionalism, and he has since chaired College webinars on leadership and professionalism and delivered one on preventing wrong tooth extraction, and earlier this month was a speaker at its event on creating a positive patient safety culture in dentistry.

In taking up post as Chair in April 2023, he will succeed Dr Janet Clarke MBE, former Deputy Chief Dental Officer for England, who joined the Board of Trustees in 2019 and became Chair in 2020. During her tenure, the College has formally launched, successfully incorporated the membership and intellectual assets of the FGDP, opened up Full Membership and Fellowship to all suitably qualified registered dental professionals, opened its ‘by experience’ route to Fellowship, created the new grade of Associate Fellowship, published its Professional Framework for career pathways in dentistry and launched its Certified Membership scheme.

Outgoing Chair, Janet Clarke, said:

“It has been a great privilege to lead the College of General Dentistry over the last few years, during which it has been established and, building on the legacy of the FGDP, begun its vital work of creating an independent organisation built by, and specifically for, general dental professionals. I am proud to be handing over the reins to Mick, who is a highly experienced, respected and forward-thinking general dental practitioner with an unsurpassed knowledge of, and dedication to, the College and its mission.“

Commenting on his appointment, Dr Horton said:

“Having been passionate about the College of General Dentistry since its inception, it is a joy to look back and see that such considerable progress has been made, in a short period of time, in establishing the College and pursuing its mission. It has been a great pleasure to work with Janet on the Trustee Board, and I would like to thank her for her leadership and commitment in driving our progress, and congratulate her on all that has been achieved. I am honoured to have now been given the responsibility of steering the College through its next phase, as we develop and implement new ways of supporting the profession to enjoy fulfilling careers in general dentistry, with structured progression. We can only do this with the support of the profession, so I call on all colleagues to play their part at this historic moment by joining us in membership.”

Why I have left the College a legacy in my will

Dr Shelagh Farrell FCGDent, a College Founder and Ambassador, talks to Professor Nairn Wilson FCGDent, President Emeritus of the College, about leaving a legacy to CGDent.

Nairn: Shelagh, may I begin by thanking you on behalf of the College for your tremendous support for the College as a Founder, one of its first Fellows, Ambassador and now one of its first legators. Such exceptional support is hugely appreciated and of immense importance to the College as it grows and develops. Also, thank you for agreeing to answer the following questions:

Why have you considered it important to support the College with both a Founder’s donation and a legacy?

Shelagh: The Faculty of General Dental Practice (FGDP(UK)), from the time of its foundation in 1992, always had the ambition of forming a College – Royal College of Dentistry. At the time, we promised the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS Eng) that the Faculty would remain part of the College for 10 years, filling a void left by the Faculty of Anaesthetists which had separated away to form what became the Royal College of Anaesthetists within a matter of a few years. Despite attempts to leave after 10 years, FGDP(UK) remained part of RCS Eng for 28 years.

The income of most, if not all, Royal Colleges comes from its members who pay subscriptions and fees to sit their examinations and benefit from postgraduate qualifications. Over the years, FGDP(UK) changed its qualifications to reflect the ways in which dentistry had moved on; for example, with the increasing use of implants. It is time to change again to create career pathways for all members of the dental team, which are challenging but achievable, thus enhancing standards in the provision of dental care.

When FGDP(UK) was established, it had one office on the ground floor of the RCS Eng. In a short space of time, it was obvious that more staff were needed to support and promote the Faculty’s activities and examination system. The Faculty was then allocated a redundant animal house on the top floor of the RCS Eng building. This became the Faculty offices for the remainder of its time at the RCS Eng.

The new College needs to acquire suitable premises in the process of becoming the Royal College of General Dentistry. This requires money and that is why, besides giving a Founder’s donation, I have left the College a legacy in my will.

N:  What would you like to say to colleagues who have not yet joined and donated to the College?

S: Some colleagues say that they will join the College when it receives Royal status. This, however, creates a “catch 22” situation. Unless the College expands its now growing number of Full Members, Associate Fellows and Fellows, it is unlikely to receive Royal status. Hence, I would urge colleagues of all ages, specifically younger colleagues to join, support the College and, in the process, benefit from a worthwhile career pathway, with mentoring, which will add to their enjoyment of dentistry and enhance their professional fulfilment.

N: In what ways has dentistry in the UK been compromised by not having its own, independent Royal College?

S: The UK has three Royal Surgical Colleges based in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow, all with Faculties of Dental Surgery. Over the years there has been great competition between these Faculties to promote themselves and increase their influence and income both home and abroad. But more important is the opportunity they have to advise and influence (or not) governments, albeit that general dentistry, let alone members of the dental team are not well, if at all, represented in their memberships. Governments listen to Royal Colleges. When the College of General Dentistry becomes the Royal College of General Dentistry, dentistry will at long last have its own independent, UK-wide, collegiate influence, speaking for the whole of the profession. Dentistry, specifically general dental practice, which provides more than 90% of oral healthcare, certainly needs this, as it seems to me at the moment that this core provision of dental services is at the lowest ebb that I have seen over the last 50 years.

N: Shelagh, two more questions. Firstly, what do you see to be the immediate priorities of the College?

S: Recruitment is clearly the way to increase the membership and the influence of the College. Dentistry is the only major healthcare profession which has not got its own Royal College. The majority of dentists are in practice, even if they are specialists. All these dentists, together with the members of their dental teams, need to come together to strengthen their unified voice, to improve standards, and to enhance the care provided to the general public.

N: And finally, what would you like the College to achieve by 2030?

S: I would like to see the College granted Royal status, with the majority of the profession being part of the membership, reaping and continuously improving the benefits the College can provide, enhancing their enjoyment and fulfilment in the wonderful and great career that dentistry can bring. I also hope that the College, then Royal College, will have suitable premises where members, politicians, the media, members of the general public and others can contact and meet staff to enable the College to realise its potential as the much-needed collegiate home for general dentistry.

N: Shelagh, very many thanks for your insightful and thought-provoking answers to my questions. Hopefully, this interview will encourage others to follow your lead as an inspirational Fellow and legator.

With renewed thanks for your exceptional generosity to the College.

Any member wishing to make a legacy to the College is encouraged to contact Abhi Pal, President of the College, or Simon Thornton-Wood, Chief Executive of the College, at [email protected] or Nairn Wilson, President Emeritus, at [email protected].

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Kevin Lewis becomes College Ambassador

The College has announced the appointment of Kevin Lewis FCGDent as an Ambassador.

College Ambassadors, drawn from a variety of backgrounds, provide strong advocacy for the mission and vision of the College as it works towards eligibility for the award of a Royal Charter.

Following a number of years in general dental practice, Dr Lewis spent 27 years at Dental Protection, including as Dental Director between 1998 and 2016, and served on the Council and Executive of the Medical Protection Society. He is Consultant Editor of Dentistry and a Special Consultant to BDA Indemnity. He recently demitted office after five years as a Trustee of the College and founder member of its predecessor Transition Board. He has been awarded Honorary Membership of the British, Irish and New Zealand Dental Associations, and of the British Society for Restorative Dentistry, and is a Fellow of the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of England.

Dr Lewis’s appointment enriches the already considerable expertise and scope of influence of the College’s team of Ambassadors:

  • Dr Eugene Chan SBS BBS JP FCGDent, Visiting Professor at Jinan University, Guangzhou
  • Professor Jonathan Cowpe FCGDent, former Director of Postgraduate Dental Education in Wales
  • Dr Shelagh Farrell FCGDent, Founder Member of the Faculty of General Dental Practice UK
  • Dr Marina Harris, Senior Lecturer and Periodontology Lead, University of Portsmouth Dental Academy
  • Professor Jacky Hayden CBE, President, Academy of Medical Educators
  • Professor Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief, The Lancet
  • Dame Parveen Kumar DBE, Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Education, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London
  • Professor Jason Leitch CBE FFGDP(UK)(Hon.), National Clinical Director, Scottish Government
  • Dr Ian Mills FCGDent, Founder and former Trustee of the College, and former Dean of the FGDP
  • Dr Govin Murugachandran, Founder, Flynotes
  • Dr Yewande Oduwole, Associate Dentist
  • Marie Parker, Deputy Programme Director of Hygiene and Therapy at University College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust London
  • Rt Hon Sir Mike Penning, Member of Parliament
  • Dr Wendy Thompson FCGDent, Lecturer in Primary Dental Care, University of Manchester
  • Dr Pouya Zohrabpour, Associate Dentist

Commenting on the appointment, Dr Abhi Pal FCGDent, President of the College, said:

“I would like to extend my congratulations to Kevin on his appointment as an Ambassador of the College, which follows a period of time in which he has been a valued Trustee. The College is privileged to have such a distinguished member of our profession supporting our cause, and I am delighted that we will continue to benefit from his wide experience and enthusiasm.”

Kevin Lewis said:

“It has been a real privilege to have spent the past five years as a Trustee and Board member of the College, from its inception through to launch as an autonomous, independent collegiate home for all members of the dental team working in general dental practice.  In time it will hopefully blossom into the Royal College that dentistry and general dental practice so richly deserve.  In the meantime, I am delighted to continue my association with the College in the capacity of an Ambassador, and would urge any colleague involved in general dental practice to join CGDent and support it on this historic journey.”

College forms 1992 Circle

The College is establishing the ‘1992 Circle’ as a social forum for retired Fellows.

Elizabeth Gaskell’s House: setting for the inaugural gathering of the 1992 Circle

The new group is named in honour of the year the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners was founded, a key moment which brought together the members of the College of General Dental Practitioners (UK) and of the former RCS Advisory Board in General Dental Practice, with the shared ambition to create an independent College over time.

Thirty years on, the 1992 Circle aims to bring together, and recognise, those whose vision put the general dental profession in the UK on a journey towards independent collegiate status, and those whose ongoing commitment carried this through to the establishment of the College of General Dentistry. The group will gather periodically for social events, typically linked to the College’s main activities.

An inaugural gathering will take place at 4pm on Wednesday 18 January 2023 at Elizabeth Gaskell’s House, 84 Plymouth Grove, Manchester M13 9LW. In addition to retired current and former Fellows of the College, all those who are retired from practice and are a past Fellow of the FGDP(UK) are eligible to attend and encouraged to make themselves known to the College. Readers are also encouraged to get in touch with retired Faculty Fellows with whom they are acquainted to make them aware of the new group.

There is no charge to become a member of the 1992 Circle or to attend the inaugural gathering. Eligible individuals wishing to attend should email [email protected], using the subject line ‘1992 Circle’.

Attendees at the 1992 Circle gathering who are members of the College are also invited to join the CGDent Fellows Winter Reception, which is taking place a short walk away later the same evening.

Shaping Faculties for the whole dental team

It has long been a vision for the College to form distinct Faculties for the different professions within the dental team. Faculty Chairs, Louise Belfield, Bill Sharpling and John Stanfield, update us on the progress they have made so far.

Louise Belfield, Chair of the Faculty of Dental Nursing & Orthodontic Therapy

I am delighted to announce the formation of the inaugural board for the Faculty of Dental Nursing and Orthodontic Therapy.  Combined, Dental Nurses plus Orthodontic Therapists make up around 50% of the dental workforce, and it is our privilege to represent our registrant communities at the College of General Dentistry.

Our Board brings together a wealth of knowledge and expertise, along with a broad range of experience in general dental practice and beyond, including practice management, NHS and private practice, civilian and military, workforce, postgraduate education, academia, and research, as well as representation from the United Kingdom nations.

Our Board members are:

  • Louise Belfield (Chair and member of the College Council)
  • Debbie Reed (Vice-Chair)
  • Jane Dalgarno
  • Angie Heilmann
  • Amanda Knight
  • Kathryn Marshall
  • Sharon Morrow

All of our Board members are passionate volunteers, dedicated to the advancement of career opportunities, recognition of achievement, and parity of esteem for our Dental Nurses and Orthodontic Therapists.

Developing our new Faculty board presents some unique challenges, and with those come unique opportunities. Perhaps more than other registrant categories, Dental Nurse training is varied and diverse; there are multiple qualifications that can lead to GDC registration, and they are typically delivered outside of Higher Education Institutions, which can funnel graduates into well-established career pipelines. Combined with the lack of an obvious direction for career development once qualified, these factors can make the waters of career advancement rather muddy. Therefore, a key objective for our inaugural Faculty board is to implement the newly developed Career Pathways framework, led by our Vice-Chair Debbie Reed.

We have also prioritised development of the Faculty membership pathways for Dental Nurses and Orthodontic Therapists. Our newly developing Faculty membership criteria uphold the highest clinical standards and are relevant and accessible to our community of professionals. It is also important to note that for the first time, all levels of membership and fellowship of the College are open to all dental professionals, and we encourage our eligible members to consider application. Our Career Pathways framework can support our members to meet the different levels of Faculty and College criteria.

However, our Faculty is only as strong as its membership. It is imperative that we work together with our members at all stages of their careers, including trainees and newly qualified members, to develop the Faculty in a direction that serves our community. We are determined that both registrant categories within the Faculty have equivalent voice, and as such we are especially keen to engage with our community of Orthodontic Therapists.  We know that amongst our Dental Nurses and Orthodontic Therapists there are many experienced, talented, highly achieving professionals who have made significant impact on patient and public health, and the dental profession. Our ultimate aim as a board is to provide means to fully recognise those contributions, in parity with other registrant categories, and to provide support and guidance for our members to realise their career ambitions to their fullest potential.

Louise Belfield AssocFCGDent is a dental nurse, research scientist, lecturer, Health Education England Dental Clinical Fellow, and National Examination Board for Dental Nurses Trustee. Louise is a member of the College Council, the Professional Affairs Committee and the Membership Admissions Panel.

Bill Sharpling, Chair of the Faculty of Clinical Dental Technology & Dental Technology

It has been a pleasure to be involved in the College of General Dentistry since its very early days, after registering as a supporter in 2018. In 2020, I was invited to join the College Advisory Strategy Group and I built a team of Clinical Dental Technicians (CDTs) and Dental Technicians (DTs) who were keen to work together for the greater good of the College and the profession. I Chair the CDT and DT Working Group that has contributed to the development of the Career Pathway and Professional Framework and am a member of the College Council.

As soon as the opportunity arose to progress the creation of the four College Faculties, work began on assembling what would become the Board of our own Faculty, the Faculty of Clinical Dental Technology and Dental Technology (FCDTDT). It is worth noting that the actual final title of the Faculty is still under discussion by the Board and has not yet been finalised.

The Faculty Board members are:

  • Bill Sharpling (Chair and member of the College Council)
  • Steve Taylor (Vice Chair)
  • Mike Brindle
  • Lee Butler
  • Tony Laurie
  • Jiri Matl
  • Caroline Persaud
  • Emily Pittard
  • David Reay

The Board are a great bunch with a real mix of experience and huge amounts of enthusiasm to see real progression for our CDT and DT professions. Each member has shown such dedication to their role and have all taken on specific positions to enable progress. With such a small group it is not possible to replicate the structure and member roles of the full College Council but we have hopefully been able to cover most elements with this select group.

Each of the devolved nations has representation should it be needed. Mike, Jiri and Caroline have made themselves available to consider issues relating to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland respectively. Tony and Steve are overseeing the faculty’s CPD activities and Emily is the Early Careers representative. Membership admissions will be managed by Lee and David with Caroline and Mike having the extra responsibility for Career Pathways activity.

The Board has met a couple of times and is scheduled to meet at least three times each year just ahead of Council meetings. Each meeting will have a principal theme. So far, the schedule has included CPD, membership levels and Career Pathway work. During the CPD meeting, Board members were joined by Robert Dyas from ProDental CPD and good progress was made regarding arranging a CPD programme for both DTs and CDTs.

DTs and CDTs are encouraged to join CGDent and once they have done so, will automatically also become a member of the Faculty. Members will be able to apply to join the Faculty at a certain level which is dependent on qualifications and/or experience. The level that one can join then determines the post nominals that a Faculty member is entitled to use. Members will also be able to join a Certified Membership Scheme which will enable them to be supported and mentored at the same time as progressing through the Career Pathway, mapped against certain criteria.

These are very early days for the Faculty, but with the continued support from the Board and the guidance and direction from the College, progress will continue to be made and the profession will see significant benefits for the long term.

Bill Sharpling FCGDent is Associate Dean (CPD) and Director of the London Dental Education Centre (LonDEC) at the Faculty of Dentistry, Oral & Craniofacial Sciences, King’s College London and Honorary Professor at RAK College of Dental Sciences, UAE. Bill is a member of the College Council and the Careers and Training Committee.

John Stanfield, Chair of the Faculty of Dental Hygiene & Dental Therapy

Throughout the formation of the College of General Dentistry, the creation of Faculties supporting each of the dental team groups, with membership levels that are attained by progression through the Career Pathway, has been a key vision.

The work that has been ongoing in a multi-threaded stream, has now allowed us to start to form the faculties.  To this end, we have appointed an inaugural board to the Faculty of Dental Hygiene & Dental Therapy which will guide the Faculty until we have enough members to have elections.

The Board members are:

  • John Stanfield (Chair and member of the College Council)
  • Frances Robinson (Vice Chair)
  • Sarah Hill
  • Laura McClune
  • Sarah Murray
  • Fiona Sandom
  • Miranda Steeples
  • Deborah Stratford
  • Kirstie Thwaites

The Board, as you can see, brings together a huge amount of experience and qualifications to lead us forward in this historic and bold move for the profession.  Our tasks, as we go forward, enthuse each of us, knowing this can only improve our standing both within the dental profession and that of the general public.

Our Faculty has to grow, we require members to become part of our community, to set and raise standards, and to have input into how the Faculty and the College are run.  We have our voice on the College Council, with full voting rights, this task has been appointed to me until we vote for a chair of the Faculty who will then join the Council. 

Previously I had been involved with FGDP, both as a member and vice-chair of the DCP committee and as the editor of ‘Team in Practice’.  However, we couldn’t be full Members, nor did we have any voting rights.  I took on this role to support the vision of a College that would represent the whole dental team with an opportunity for all to be full Members.  We all have the same chance to be admitted to the community as Members, Associate Fellows and Fellows of the Faculty and the College.  Many have already been admitted as Associate Fellows of the College and we have just had our first Faculty member admitted as a Fellow of the College – my congratulations go to Fiona Sandom.

Currently, the Board is working on adapting the Career Pathways in Dentistry Professional  Framework to meet the needs of our constituents, mapping this against the expected career stages.

The Faculty will be expected to contribute to College publications, standards and guidance, to any of the press releases which involve our members and to this end we will be bringing on board those of you with particular experience and expertise.  We are very aware of the increasing academic achievements of our constituents and the research they are carrying out and want to make the most of this.

Joining the faculty and the college brings with it certain benefits:                                              

  • Recognition of postgraduate training and experience, your pathway from Safe Practitioner to Accomplished Practitioner
  • CPD via ProDental CPD (over 1000 hours)
  • Primary Dental Journal
  • Certified Membership Scheme
  • Belonging to a community of like-minded professionals

John Stanfield AssocFCGDent has over 40 years’ experience as a dental hygienist, and works in private dental practice in Cheshire. He was Editor of the FGDP’s Team in Practice journal and Vice-Chair of its DCP Committee, and now serves on the College’s Membership Affairs Committee. John is also a member of the College Council.

College seeks new Dental Trustee

Help us in our historic mission to build a future Royal College for dentistry

Closing date extended to Friday 7 October 2022 in response to feedback from members.

A Trustee is being sought for the College of General Dentistry, as we bring the dental team together, to advance oral healthcare in the UK and beyond.

Our mission has never appeared so critical. At a time when dentistry faces immense challenges, we are developing a vital role. We are building a strong and trusted professional community of practice, serving patients and public. Our ground-breaking career pathways and Certified Membership provide new support needed by all dental professionals, and our Guidance and Standards underpin high quality in the practice of dentistry in every part of the country.

We aim to pursue a Royal Charter, elevating the standing of general dentistry alongside its medical professional peers. Dentistry deserves that recognition.

So this is an exciting time to join the Trustee Board of the College. You will help us to establish and shape the development of the College – after one year of operation – reflecting the interests of a diverse and dynamic profession. This is a significant role at a critical moment in our own development, and for the wider profession.

We have a vacancy for a dental professional to contribute as a Trustee to the development of the values of the organisation, demonstrating high standards of behaviour and attitude, reflecting the inclusive professionalism that we seek to embody and our status as a Registered Charity. You will be expected to contribute to effective custodianship of the organisation, with a thorough appreciation of the role of a Trustee.

The Trustee Board, chaired by Dr Janet Clarke FCGDent, works alongside the elected Council of the College, which oversees the professional affairs of the organisation and is chaired by the President of the College, Dr Abhi Pal FCGDent.

You will have an appreciation of business imperatives that underpin a growing organisation, reconciling financial viability with delivery of our overall mission in the patient and public interest. A particular interest in, and understanding of issues related to the professional indemnity of dental practitioners would be an advantage, as they affect the work of the College.

We are particularly interested in attracting people who can help us to engage widely across the dental team, as we seek to reflect their wide range of backgrounds and aspirations. The proportion of women and dental professionals from different backgrounds on the Register is growing, and we want our Trustee Board to be truly inclusive and reflective of our community.

Profile for the role of Dental Trustee.

Applications (by CV and covering letter, which should address the requirements described in the role profile, citing two references) must be received by 7 October 2022, addressed to [email protected]. Prospective candidates are advised that interviews are planned to be held in mid October in London. To be eligible, you must be a Full Member, Associate Fellow or Fellow of CGDent at the time of appointment.

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Education partnership with Dentistry Show London

The College will be the headline education partner for the Clinical Excellence Theatre at Dentistry Show London 2022, hosting nine seminars in three CPD theatres over the two-day conference.

CGDent speakers: top row: Jalpesh Patel, Kevin Lewis, Jason Wong, Wendy Thompson; bottom row: Tim Newton, Jacqui Elsden, Pynadath George, Abhi Pal

The College will be welcoming members and non-members alike to its sessions, with eight experts in their fields sharing their knowledge and giving advice on an array of subjects encompassing clinical dentistry, professionalism and career support:

  • Introduction to facial aesthetics and the current educational pathways
  • Duty of Candour: the legal and regulatory risk
  • Professionalism – a medico-legal perspective
  • Creating a positive patient safety culture in dentistry
  • Antimicrobial prescribing in dentistry
  • Mental health wellness in dentistry
  • Supporting staff through menopause (co-hosted with the BADN)
  • Mentoring in implant dentistry: good practice guidelines
  • Record-keeping in the real world of general dental practice

College representatives will also be available throughout the conference at Stand F58 to talk to delegates about the College, its vision for the profession and the benefits of membership, and to answer questions.

Conference registration is free, and delegates will have access to over 100 seminars in all across 6 lecture theatres, as well as over 180 exhibiting suppliers, and the opportunity to network with thousands of dentists, practice managers, hygienists and therapists, dental nurses, technicians and laboratory owners.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Eugene Chan appointed first overseas College Ambassador

The College of General Dentistry has announced the appointment of Dr Eugene Chan SBS BBS JP as an ambassador.

Drawn from a variety of backgrounds, College Ambassadors have a remit to advocate for the College’s mission and vision, and Dr Chan’s appointment further expands the range of expertise and scope of influence within its ambassadorial team.

Eugene Kin Keung Chan is the principal of a multi-disciplinary dental group practice in Hong Kong, where he was born and raised, and the Chief Dental Officer & Chief Public Affairs officer of EC Healthcare, a listed company on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. He graduated BDS from the University of Adelaide in 1988, and later attained the certificate of the National Dental Examining Board of Canada, memberships of the FGDP(UK), Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCS) and the Hong Kong College of Dental Surgeons, and the FGDP(UK) Diploma and Advanced Certificate in Implant Dentistry.

With over 20 years of teaching experience, Dr Chan is a visiting professor at Jinan University, Guangzhou, and Honorary Clinical Associate Professor of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and was previously a part-time Clinical Lecturer in the University of Hong Kong’s Faculty of Dentistry.  For ten years he was also an Examiner for the FGDP and RCS.

A past President of both the Australian Doctors & Dentists Association of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Dental Association, he has also served as Co-Chairman of the 26th Asia-Pacific Dental Congress, Vice President of the Asia Pacific Dental Federation, a member of the Dental Council of Hong Kong, and a Governor of Prince Philip Dental Hospital.

In 2006, he was awarded Honorary Fellowship of the FGDP for his contribution to continuing dental education, and he also holds honorary fellowships of the International College of Dentists, American College of Dentists, Pierre Fauchard Academy and the Academy of Dentistry International.

Outside of dentistry, he has been a member of the Advisory Committee of the School of Chinese Medicine of Hong Kong Baptist University, the Quality Education Fund Steering Committee and the Council of City University of Hong Kong, as well as both Chairman and President of the Association of Hong Kong Professionals, and an independent non-executive director of Hong Kong listed companies PuraPharm Corporation and Classified Group. He has also served on over 15 government committees and was made a Justice of the Peace in 2011, awarded a Bronze Bauhinia Star Medal (equivalent to MBE) for meritorious public service in 2016 and a Silver Bauhinia Star Medal (equivalent to OBE) in 2021.

Co-author of eleven books, host of a health awareness television show and anchor of an English language current affairs television programme for TVB Limited, he also publishes news articles about Hong Kong and is a past Chairman of the Board of Advisors of Radio Television Hong Kong.

Dr Chan is the College’s sixteenth ambassador to be appointed, and the first based outside the UK. Previously appointed College Ambassadors include:

  • Dr Louise Belfield, Associate Professor of Biomedical and Oral Health Sciences, Peninsula Dental School
  • Professor Jonathan Cowpe, former Director of Postgraduate Dental Education in Wales         
  • Dr Shelagh Farrell, Founder Member of the Faculty of General Dental Practice UK      
  • Dr Marina Harris, Senior Lecturer and Periodontology Lead, University of Portsmouth Dental Academy
  • Professor Jacky Hayden CBE, President, Academy of Medical Educators
  • Professor Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief, The Lancet                     
  • Dame Parveen Kumar DBE, Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Education, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London 
  • Professor Jason Leitch CBE, National Clinical Director, Scottish Government
  • Dr Ian Mills,Past Dean of the Faculty of General Dental Practice UK
  • Dr Govin Murugachandran, Founder, Flynotes        
  • Dr Yewande Oduwole, Associate Dentist
  • Marie Parker,Deputy Programme Director of Hygiene and Therapy at University College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust London
  • Rt Hon Sir Mike Penning, Member of Parliament    
  • Dr Wendy Thompson, Lecturer in Primary Dental Care, University of Manchester
  • Dr Pouya Zohrabpour, Associate Dentist

Details of all College ambassadors are available here

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Non-voting Council members 2022-23

Maria Clark and Igor Blum have been re-appointed as non-voting members of the College Council for 2022-23.

Professor Igor R. Blum FCGDent has been Editor-in-Chief and Clinical Editor of the Primary Dental Journal since 2017, and is a Foundation Fellow of the College and a member of its Professional Affairs Committee.

After qualifying DDS (Hons) from Semmelweis University, Budapest, in 1995, he completed an MSc in Oral Surgery and a PhD in Restorative Dentistry at the University of Manchester, and a Doctor of Medical Dentistry degree at the University of Frankfurt, Germany. Following several years in general dental practice and working as part time clinical assistant at the Manchester Dental Hospital, he became a Clinical Lecturer/Honorary Specialist Registrar in Restorative Dentistry at Bristol Dental School.

With clinical interests encompassing all aspects of advanced restorative dentistry, Prof Blum is a GDC-registered specialist in prosthodontics, periodontics, endodontics and restorative dentistry, and has lectured widely both nationally and internationally. A Fellow in Restorative Dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons of England, and a member of the European Prosthodontic Association and the British Society for Dental Research, he has also been appointed to the Specialist Training Committee for Restorative Dentistry. He has authored six book chapters and over 80 peer-reviewed journal papers, holds several visiting professorships in Europe and the US, and is on the editorial board of several dental journals, including the Journal of Dentistry and the Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry.

A member and examiner at both the Royal College of Surgeons of England and the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, he has also been an external examiner at the University of Kent. Holding a Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, an MA in Education and an LLM (Medico-Legal), he is a member of the Association for Dental Education in Europe, which last year awarded him its Mature Career Educator Award in recognition of his excellence in dental education. He is also a Fellow of the Faculty of Dentistry of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, of the International College Dentists and of the Higher Education Academy.

He is currently Clinical Lead and Consultant in Restorative Dentistry at King’s College Hospital, and Head of the Departments of Restorative Dentistry and Primary Dental Care at King’s College Hospital Dental Institute, as well as Maurice Wohl Professor in Primary Care Dentistry and Advanced General Dental Practice at the Faculty of Dentistry, Oral and Craniofacial Sciences at King’s College London, and the university’s Director for Dental Outreach Education.

Maria Clark FFGDP(UK)(Hon.) is the College’s Patient Representative, and was previously a member of the Faculty of General Dental Practice’s Lay and Patient Panel (2016-17) and its Patient Representative (2017-21).

Her interest in health services began in 2006 when going through genetic counselling for a rare genetic condition, and she has been involved ever since both as a service user in maternity and gynaecological services and as a supporter for various family members across a range of NHS departments.

As a solicitor, she spent 10 years supporting people disabled as a result of the negligence of clinicians, employers and others, and she has worked for disability organisations and those aiming to redress the balance in health inequalities.

Driven to ensure patient views are incorporated into healthcare policies and research, Maria holds a range of public involvement and engagement positions, including being a Patient Safety Partner at NHS England, Vice-Chair of the British Medical Association’s Patient Liaison Group and Patient Champion at her local GP practice. She is also a member of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ Women’s Network (and lay examiner for their part 3 MRCOG examination), and external research ethics reviewer (and member of the Research Ethics Committee) at the University of Sheffield.

She acted as Patient Representative during the development of both Antimicrobial Prescribing in Dentistry – Good Practice Guidelines and Implications of COVID-19 for the safe management of general dental practice: a practical guide, and was awarded Honorary Fellowship of the FGDP in 2020.

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In memory of Bob Morgan 1952-2022

We regret to report that Robert Leslie Morgan FFGDP(UK)(Hon.), former national board member and West Midlands regional director for the Faculty of General Dental Practice, has passed away aged 69.

Born and raised in South Wales, he was awarded the Licentiate in Dental Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 1975, and graduated from Birmingham Dental School the same year. He worked at Morgan Dental Practice in Halesowen, a mixed NHS-and-private practice with an orthodontic contract, from its purchase in 1977 with his wife, Sue, until his retirement from clinical dentistry in 2012.

Always encouraging colleagues and peers to go further with their career at whatever stage, and with a particular passion for inspiring the younger generation, he was heavily involved in postgraduate dental education. In the West Midlands, he had been a member of the Postgraduate Education Board, a postgraduate tutor, coordinator for dental nurse access training and Associate Dental Dean, overseeing and running over 100 courses per year. After being awarded the MFGDP(UK), he became a regional MFGDP tutor, later serving as an examiner, then Deputy Chief Examiner, until 2009. As a member of the MFGDP Core Group he was responsible for the OSCE circuit and overseas examinations, and he was involved in planning the merger of the MFGDP and MFDS examinations into the MJDF.

He also lectured and taught throughout the UK as well as in Hong Kong, India, Gibraltar, Singapore and Nepal, on legislative and practice management topics as well as aspects of the MFDGP and MDJF. He achieved the Award in Medical Education from the University of Warwick, and later became an Honorary Clinical Lecturer at its medical school, and for three years he was a Senior Lecturer at the University of Kent, as well as Quality Assurance lead for its MSc in Primary Dental Care.

Bob was on the FGDP West Midlands divisional board for over fifteen years, including three as Divisional Director, and served on the FGDP Education Committee throughout his thirteen years as an elected representative on the National Faculty Board. He contributed to the Legislation and Good Practice Guidelines module of the Faculty’s Key Skills in Primary Dental Care e-learning package, wrote a series of articles about Key Skills for First Hand (one of the forerunners of the Primary Dental Journal), and was a member of the Interfaculty Membership Development Group of the FGDP and the Faculty of Dental Surgery of the Royal College of Surgeons of England (FDS). Achieving Fellowship of the FDS in 2008, he was awarded Honorary Fellowship of the FGDP in 2012.

He was a member of the BDA, on Dudley LDC for over 30 years, and for four years acted as Regional Advisor and Consultant Clinical Assessor for Bupa Dental Cover. Also actively involved in the community outside of dentistry, he was a member of the West Midlands Library Development Group, Chairman of Belbroughton Parish Council, and Area Chairman and past President of the local Round Table. He was also Chairman of the PTA during the school years of his daughter, Sarah – who is now a dental hygienist and dental team representative on the College Council.

On top of his many professional and civic involvements, Bob had a rich array of hobbies and sporting interests. A French speaker, he enjoyed family caravanning holidays in the south of France, as well as skiing trips to the French, Swiss and Austrian Alps. He was a fan of Welsh rugby, liked playing tennis, ran the London and Paris marathons, and made the Guinness Book of Records in 1982 for driving around Britain. He was a keen gardener, photographer and party host, his Christmas lights were said to be better than the Blackpool Illuminations, and he enjoyed taking his granddaughters Georgia and Louisa ‘Gruffalo hunting’ in the woods near their home.

He was kind, generous, welcoming, and had a cheeky smile that belied his strong will. He was very ill in 2011, but survived against all the odds and continued to play an active but non-clinical role in his practice. He passed away peacefully at Worcestershire Royal Hospital on Thursday 14 July 2022, with Sue and Sarah by his side and surrounded by his favourite flowers from his pride and joy of a garden.

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